Urban Engines: Public Transit app


In a civilized urban cities, it is always challenging task to optimize our time to travel with in the city. However, visualization of reliable transit data on a map would be a best fit to address the need.

That’s exactly what Silicon Valley-based start-up called Urban Engines have come up with a mobile app. Initially, they built out software to help cities like Singapore and Sao Paulo manage their public transit systems. But now they’re moving forward with a consumer-mapping app that works quickly when you’re offline.

The very next question would be, why this, as there are plenty of mapping mobile apps in market with traffic data and offline maps.

Well, though there are many mapping apps with offline data, Urban Engines’ app doesn’t rely on mobile Internet while you are in transit and it also has better way of visualizing the geographical data in a intuitive way. It mainly offers offline data for 10 different cities in North America, including New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver and Washington, D.C.

There’s also an X-ray mode, which superimposes maps, bus or train routes and stops over the city as viewed by the camera. Unlike in other Maps, you don’t need to type locations: just drag the map to place your destination in the middle of the screen, and the app will come up with various routes for your commute.Urban Engines

Thogiti Prem Kumar
I am one of the enthusiastic "GEO" possessed geeks who believes in "WHERE" and "CHANGE" are pivotal driving factors in Geospatial Industry. Also believe in Geospatial Tripod, whose three legs are GIS, Remote Sensing and GPS; will facilitate people and business organizations across various industries to "DISCOVER" more information about our earth and thereby outstanding decision-making. With masters in Remote Sensing, was part of vibrant GIS projects being a GIS developer and passionate to help Geoawesomeness to spread “GEO” word further.