Uber recommends places to go based on its user generated Big Data


If you don’t know what is the best local pub or where to spend the evening, this new Uber feature might be for you.

What’s really awesome is that Uber is not buying this data from Foursquare, Yelp or TripAdvisor but the company uses its own data-driven approach that relies on where their users choose to go.

The company has a lot of data about which spots are the most popular destinations and picks up locations among users. The ranking system uses that data and divides restaurants into six different categories: most popular, local favorites, up-and-coming, brunch spots, weekend picks and date-night destinations but I can imagine that more types can appear on the list.

This is also a good news for venue owners, because there is another service that promotes local businesses, and most importantly it’s reliable – it is impossible to deceive – and therefore, it creates a healthy competition for the food service market.

At the moment tool only provides suggestions for 12 cities: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, LA, Miami, Nashville, NYC, Phoenix, Pittsburgh and San Francisco. Additionally it’s available only on the website only while the app is where the start-up gets the most interactions.

With so much data on their disposal, it would be very easy for Uber to tackle other topics like hotels, shopping, gyms and other services. Can’t wait.

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