Twitter Improves Location-Based Targeting For Advertisers


The fact that Twitter has big problems to monetize their service is not a secret. It’s actually a big surprise that they started to play with targeted ads so late. Now they finally started to be serious about location-targeted advertised. First tests have been made in US in March 2011 together with McDonald’s. Than in September 2011 they’ve expanded location-based ads to UK.

Recently Twitter announced on its advertising blog new ways to pinpoint the location of users who see certain ads on Twitter, particularly those users in the US, UK and Japan. The new location targeting means that advertisers can now gear deals, discounts, events and more towards a location-specific group of their followers. Good step forward.

Twitter is trying to compete with Facebook. Although they don’t have the same user-generated demographic data, Twitter is more mobile friendly than FB and its location targeting might help it pull ahead. It also coincides with the recent interest-targeting option that Twitter rolled out to advertisers, which allows them to reach individual users who share common interests or who are associate with specific accounts.

Hopefully Twitter will expand its service soon to whole Europe.

source: Twitter Advertising Blog

Aleks Buczkowski
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