Track your Tanker: Chennai to get GPS fitted Water Tankers


Its well known that GPS can aid in tracking vehicles and help improve the efficiency and logistics of operations.

Looks like Chennai Metrowater has realized that! Chennai is certainly one city in India where the water department has been working overtime to ensure adequate water supply given that it is not blessed with natural water bodies and the few that were present aren’t there anymore.

Chennai was recently voted as the best indian city to live in and perhaps this prompted the water department to do something. Yeah, I am bragging about my city here 😉

Enter Global Positioning! tnake

Soon, Chennai’s roads will see more water tankers, all of them fitted with Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment.

To curb increase in unaccounted tanker trips and ensure efficiency, Chennai Metrowater is in the process of fixing GPS equipment on close to 300 tankers that operate on contract basis for the water agency. The project although proposed 2 years back will now see the light of the day in less than a fortnight.

The GPS equipment would enable the water agency to monitor the tanker movement  and verify if they travel on the scheduled routes. Location information provided by GPS will be received at the control room and officials would monitor the vehicles through a web-based application.

The real power and utility of any technology lies in practical implementation and problem solving. GPS has certainly established itself as a problem solver in this regard.

Source: The Hindu

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