Open Data

Open Data

India Observatory will help policymakers and village-level governments to visualize location-specific data on shared natural resources | By Ishveena Singh

Open platform India Observatory aims to support sustainable development in India

India’s village communities, policymakers, academicians and researchers can now sift through more than 1,600 layers of location-specific data to make informed decisions about natural...

Compromising creativity for user friendliness in ArcGIS

The ArcGIS innovations of Story Maps and Open Data sites are becoming a popular mainstay in organizational methods to display geographic data. They utilize sleek,...

Open Data for training your Remote Sensing AI

Within the first year of making Landsat data publicly available on their cloud services platform, Amazon had logged over a billion requests for the...

Tube Heartbeat: Visualising London’s pulse

Public transportation data can reveal a lot about a city and is tremendously useful if you are an urban planner looking to understand the city's...

Data Observatory from CartoDB

Searching for Location data that is openly available for a particular region can be daunting task if you are not someone who knows where...


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