Map shows locations where building foundations may crumble in US

In 2015, a unique construction issue began to surface in the suburban communities of Connecticut, US. Homeowners reported that their houses were falling apart. Investigations...

Covid19 Impact on Barcelona Retail

What's the impact of covid19 on Barcelona retail? At Eixos Economic Observatory we’ve used our fieldwork data to shed light on the current covid19 lockdown...
Master's in GIS, Geo-informatics

Universities for Master’s in Geo-informatics/GIS

Are you thinking about pursuing Master's in GIS, Remote Sensing or Geoscience? Never think twice, we have made a comprehensive list of many universities...
best map geography book 2020 gift

5 new books for people who love geography and maps

Ask any map addict or geography buff, there is nothing quite like curling up with an educational and entertaining book about maps. Below, you...
Allen Coral Atlas

How satellite imagery is being used to map coral reefs worldwide

For the first time ever, scientists are leveraging high-resolution satellite imagery and advanced analytics to create an accurate global mosaic of the world’s coral...

Google Earth Studio lets you create powerful animations with zero experience

Is this what Superman felt like flying over cities, keeping watch on Earth? Google Earth Studio is an incredible animation tool for Google Earth’s...

AR in the classroom – A device is born

Firstly, let me introduce myself – I’m Melanie Collins, Head of Geography at a school for girls in the South East of England.  I’ve...

What can SIM cards tell us about the tourism industry?

A lot, as it turns out. Most of us have our phones in our pockets (or hands) most of the time. When we walk, when...

Geospatial podcasts you should be listening to

Podcasts are a great way of staying in touch with the industry, hear about new developments, and learn something new. Best of all, it...

How the crazy Japanese addressing system works, explained

Japan is a heady mix of the past, the present, and the future. And experiencing it for the first time can be pretty bewildering...

Leveraging Geospatial Tools and Technology to Document the Land Rights of Vulnerable Communities

Everyone deserves to be recognized and have their rights documented, especially when it comes to the land they live and work on. This statement...

Mapbox introduces dynamically changing boundaries

The decision of how to name an area and where to draw a boundary on a map has always been subject to controversy, as there...

What A Tiny Atlas Can Show About the State of the World during WWII

This old Atlas is basically a pure propaganda piece, both exaggerating and downplaying German power and influence in the past century.   The Taschenatlas der...

How giving away empty addresses is helping fight homelessness

How can an empty address help fight homelessness? By definition, a homeless person is someone without a permanent residence, unable to acquire and maintain regular,...

The human fingerprint in dramatic freshwater depletion around the world

“Holy cow, this is garbage!” That’s the reaction scientists gave back in 2002, when they first saw the data being sent by NASA’s just-launched...


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