The benefits of attending geospatial conferences

  My name is Rachel Kumwenda. I am a Malawian who has just completed her studies at University of Malawi, Chancellor College, with a major...

#GeoChat Highlights: Open Source & Hybrid GIS with Boundlessgeo

In case you missed the #GeoChat on Open Source and Hybrid GIS last month, we got you covered! Here are the highlights of what...

Lets talk Open Data with Esri #GeoChat

For our next #GeoChat (on 1st December), we have Jim Young from Esri as our guest. Jim leads business development for Esri in Portland and is...

Let’s chat about Open Source and Hybrid GIS on #GeoChat this Thursday

  This week on #GeoChat, we have Andy Dearing, the CEO of Boundless Spatial as our guest. You might know Boundless Spatial from their famous OpenGeo...

#GeoChat summary: Addressing the World with What3Words

Last Thursday on #GeoChat, Chris the CEO of what3words joined us to discuss the need for a better addressing system. What is #GeoChat again? https://twitter.com/geoawesomeness/status/718150281503092737 Lets get...

What is #GeoChat and why you should participate

Geoawesomeness has always been and is, all about sharing our passion and craziness for everything location. Be it Top 100 Geospatial Startups post or...


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