Location-Based Services

Location-Based Services

social distancing apps

These location-based mobile tools will help you maintain social distancing

With both the movement of people and COVID-19 cases increasing rapidly in several countries around the world, it has become more crucial than ever...
Google Plus Codes

Google’s open-source digital addressing system Plus Codes now in Places Autocomplete

Google has integrated its digital addressing system Plus Codes into Place Autocomplete across Places API, Places Library in Maps JavaScript API, and Places SDK...

Foursquare location data shows how foot traffic is increasing across US

Foursquare has spent the last few months studying how COVID-19 is affecting foot traffic across the United States. On April 30, the location intelligence...

Enel X and HERE join hands to support COVID-19 emergency

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, wrote about the connection between health and location in about 400 BC. Taking a geographic view of health has...

How TomTom might just help me buy my first electric car

You know the nagging feeling you get when the battery icon on your smartphone turns red and you are nowhere near a power source?...

The evolution of indoor navigation technologies

All big companies such as manufacturers, retailers, and commercial property owners have looked for sophisticated indoor positioning technology for recent decades. They were focusing...

Location intelligence to scale new heights with Near receiving funds worth $100M

Marketing has gained new grounds with location intelligence. Companies, today, are in a far better position to target the right audience and design their...

What3Words Mobile App Review

Until recently, I have only known about What3Words. I’ve read blog posts about it, seen the TED talk by their CEO, and have seen...

What can SIM cards tell us about the tourism industry?

A lot, as it turns out. Most of us have our phones in our pockets (or hands) most of the time. When we walk, when...

Geo-Privacy and Personal Location Information

We share our location thousands of times a day, sometimes we explicitly share with individuals, other times we share to specific platforms, and still...

Heartbreaking tragedy shines light on efficacy of Snap Map’s web debut

Last Wednesday, on Valentine’s Day, a teenager opened fire in a Florida high school, killing 17. Now, the United States is no stranger to...

Tinder says it will introduce ‘really sexy’ location-based features this year

Match Group, the parent company of popular dating app Tinder, is swiping right all the way to the bank. In an earnings call this...

Strava heat map exposes secret military locations, sparks security fears

In June 2014, Strava, which offers cycling and running tracking apps for multiple fitness platforms, claimed to be tracking over 1 million activities per...

Foursquare says its location data can predict Amazon, Walmart’s next acquisition

The battle of the biggest shopping haven in the United States is hotting up with both Amazon and Walmart on a buying spree of...
Location data

The curious case of Accuweather and other apps selling our location data

Accuweather is making headlines, but not because thousands of people used it to find out the optimal viewing conditions for the Great American Eclipse...


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