Top 18 maps and charts that explain Oscars, Hollywood and The Film Industry


The Oscars are the most prestigious event in the Hollywood. Each year the Academy Awards brings its own set of drama — from nominations to what happens out there on the stage. This set of maps and charts will help you understand Oscars, Hollywood, and the film industry.

1. The settings of all films that won Oscar 1929-2013

source: Geoawesomeness

2. History of the Academy Awards


3. Movies with the most Oscar nominations 

source: Statista

4. Oscar winners by age

source: ABC News

5. The Most Nominated Actors

source: Statista

6. Underground map of the best movies of all time

source: Vodkaster

7. Global film production map

source: Wikimedia 

8. Top box office hits by net profit

source: Randal Olson

9. Top movies by gross domestic ticket sales and budget

source: Bloomberg

10. Countries sized by relative share of worldwide box office revenue

source: McKinsey

11. China Becomes Second Largest Movie Market

Box office revenue in the worlds largest movie markets

source: Statista

12. The Decline of the Box Office

source: AoL

13. VoD on the rise

source: Statista

14. The economics of Hollywood


14. Anatomy Of A Hollywood Car Chase

source: 800 Loan Mart

15. Arnold Schwarzenegger Kill Count

source: IMDB 

16. Liam Neeson Kill Map

source: Collider

17. Jason Statham Kickass Count


18. Bollywood vs. Hollywood


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