Top 5 Map Tattoos on Instagram

I don’t have a tattoo and I’m not planning to get one… but if I would, it would be a map tattoo. Since we are starting to explore Geoawesomeness Instagram (which we invite you to follow), we’ve noticed that many GeoGeeks from all around the world share photos of their map tattoos. Although we don’t invite you to make a tattoo, we would like to share with you the coolest images we found on Instagram.

Share in comments which one you like best.

Geometric map

This geometric map is a balance between engineering and design. Love it.

Dot map

We’ve seen a lot of cool dot maps on Geoawesomeness. We even wrote about a tool for making one. There is something clean and simple in that sort of maps. Great design.


Rainbow Map

If you love maps and you’ve got thousands of thoughts coming to our mind every second, this is something for you.

Fun map

If you don’t take your life too seriously, you’re a map lover this is the one you will choose.

Map walker

More serious, more old school but still cool. Isn’t it?


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This map shows a day of ‘Human’ activity across the world

Human activity map

Human – the activity tracking app, has released an interesting map showing location of its users in a few major cities around the world for. The visualisation captures all sorts of activities including walking, running, cycling, taking a bus or even a furry over 24h at the beginning of March 2016. It is a cool project but the map itself has a couple of constrains e.g. you cannot zoom in closely enough to see any details.

If you’d like to analyse the data in more details I recommend you to look at other similar projects we’ve covered. The first one is a result of a cooperation between RunKeeper app and Mapbox, another one is a map created by Strava showing a cool global heatmap of sport activities.

Looking at all this projects makes me realise just how much of our location data we share with the world each day… Amazing and scary at the same time…

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