Top 15 maps and charts that explain Christmas


It’s that time of year again. Christmas time. Time when millions of people around the world celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, meet with family and friends, give and receive gifts. But was is it all about? We try to answer that question with these 15 maps, charts and infographics.

1. Christmas around the world

source: InfoKart

2. Christmas around the world

3. Bethlehem map – The Birthplace of Jesus

4. Map of Countries that do not recognize Christmas as Public Holiday

source: Wikipedia

5. Percentage of Christians per country

source: Wikipedia

6. Animated map shows how Christianity spread around the world

7. The history of Christmas

source: BalsamHill

8. Christmas Dinner Around The World

9. Where your Christmas trees come from?

source: WashingtonPost

10. Probability of White Christmas

source: NOAA

11. The Origins of the legend of Santa Claus

source: Kremp

12. What Does it Take to Prepare for Christmas

source: Fantastic Services

13. The Top 50 Christmas Toys of the Past 100 Years

source: Cash Generator

14. The Business of Christmas

15. Map of America’s favorite Christmas artists by state according to eBay

source: eBay

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