Top 11 maps and charts that explain hurricanes


The peak of the hurricane season dates mid-September each year. Although so far it has been a quieter-than-average, the 2018 hurricane season has suddenly erupted with the three hurricanes that are forming in the Atlantic, with Hurricane Florence rapidly approaching the US East Coast.

This collection of maps and charts explains what to expect in the upcoming years regarding the formation and the impact of hurricanes.

1. The expected path of Hurricane Florance

source: Maps4News

2. Map of all hurricanes and tropical storms since 1851

Source: IDV Solutions 

3. Where Do the Nastiest Hurricanes Emerge?

Source: Discover magazine 

4. Number of hurricanes in the Atlantic over time

Source: Mac Leans

5. The number of strong hurricanes is increasing

Source: StoryTellingWithData

6. Global Temperature Rise

Source: Wired

7. Ocean energy is rapidly increasing

Source: The Guardian

8. The cost impact of US hurricanes

Costliest hurricanes

Source: NBC

9. Anatomy of a Hurricane


10. “Hurricane Formation” in the North Atlantic


11. The Deadliest U.S. Hurricanes


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