Top 10 Christmas gifts for every GeoGeek


Geoawesome Santa claus

Christmas is coming soon and you still don’t have gifts for your map addicted beloveds? Here is the selection of gifts that every GeoGeek will love:

1. Moleskine City Notebook $17

A high quality Moleskine notebook featuring cool city maps is an ideal gift for any traveller or city dweller. You can buy it for multiple cities including: New York, London, Paris, Florence, Berlin, Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, Washington DC, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Dublin, Venice, Tokyo, Kyoto, Amsterdam, Madrid, Barcelona, Prague, Rome, Copenhagen, Brussels, Toronto, Istanbul, Atlanta, San Petersburg, Vienna, Beijing and much more cities around the world.


2. Awesome maps – $24.90

World maps used to be inspiring pieces of art. Now they’re boring. Awesome Maps are dealing it that problem with a series of great, illustrated map posters. If you don’t have big bucks to spend this is a gift that will be appreciated by every GeoGeek.


3. Silva Explorer Compass – $28

Compass is something that everyone would like to use but only few really know how to do it. Your Map addicted beloveds will surely be thankful for giving them a chance to actually learn how to use it. And if you want to buy one, buy a cool one from Silva.


4. “Map: Exploring The World” – $36

This amazing book features 300 stunning maps from all around the world, and from all periods. This collection of map will give a unique opportunity of exploring and revealing what maps tell us about history and ourselves. I’ve bought one and I can personally recommend it.


5. Custom made OpenStreetMap T-shirt of any location – $49

Monochome is a website which allows you to select any data from OpenStreetMap to and create out of it a stylish shirt, tank, skirt or a pillow. Everything happens via interactive online tool. Awesome.


6. Sigg map water bottle – $50

Simple gift but every GeoGeek will love it. You can search for your design online or buy one here.


7. Mapwheel – $88

Mapwheel is a pretty cool concept by Australian start-up. It is a custom-made, laser-engraved direction plaque (aka orientation table, toposcope or topograph) that shows the exact direction and distance from a your chosen home location to your selected points of interest.

MapWheel 1 - Geoawesomeness

8. TomTom Bandit GPS action camera – $399

TomTom Bandit is a GPS equipped action camera which deals with every problem that GoPro has. The first one is of course no GPS sensor, the second one is easy video editing on a smartphone app when you’re still in the field.


9. Garmin Fenix 3 watch – $499

This is my favorite outdoor smart watch. It has a built-in GPS, worldwide map, it connects to your smartphone and easily last a whole week on a single charge. It’s expensive, $499 on Amazon, but worth the price.


10. DJI Phantom 3 drone – $699

If you’ve got a little bit more cash to spend this Christmas, there is a gift that everyone not only GeoGeeks will be happy to get. The DJI Phanton 3 drone which you can find on Amazon for $699.


I'm a professional always thinking outside the box and a self-confessed gadget addict. As a son of a professor of cartography I was surrounded by maps all my life and as a result spatial way of thinking and seeing reality is naturally embedded in who I am.



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