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TED talks: How to fool a GPS

I found today this interesting TED talk by Todd Humphreys – the director of the University of Texas at Austin’s Radionavigation Laboratory. He forecasts the near-future of geolocation when millimeter-accurate GPS “dots” will enable you to find pin-point locations, index-search your physical possessions … or to track people without their knowledge. Todd discusses two basic ways to fool the GPS signal from satellites: Wave Bubble and GPS spoofing.

Watch it, it’s really cool:

source: TED

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Nokia Destination Maps expand global coverage to 4,605 venues in 38 countries

Just yesterday morning I’ve been writing that Bing Venue Maps (Microsoft+Nokia) is boasting about the number of shopping malls they have mapped, now Nokia is doing the same as well. Since launching it’s Destination Maps at CTIA last year, Nokia has been working hard and expanded its indoor mapping service with more than 4,605 venues in 38 countries. All together Finish giant (with Navteq technology) covers more than 235 million square meters of indoor real estate. Not bad.

The challenge is to integrate it with Nokia Maps. And with new Nokia Location Platform that will enable developers to build cool stuff around it. Meanwhile check out Nokia’s infographic.

source: Nokia Conversations, The Verge

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