Sygic launches navigation app for Apple Watch

Sygic-Apple-Watch---GeoawesomenessSygic is a company founded in 2004 in Slovakia that grew from a small start-up from Central Europe into one of the leading brands in the Navigation market. Until today it has been downloaded over 95 million times. It’s really a lot. I’ve been using Sygic as my main offline navigation for couple of years back at university, as it was twice cheaper than the competition. And it worked like a charm. Today the navigation industry is even more challenging. With HERE offering unlimited offline maps, companies must be competitive in quality rather than a price.

And it’s clearly the strategy behind Sygic. Today the company revealed its first navigation app for Apple Watch.

It will guide you while you are exploring the city and help you walk that last mile to your destination with turn-by-turn instructions on your wrist. Enjoy a new streamlined view with only essential information designed especially for the Apple Watch. To use Sygic GPS Navigation on your Apple Watch plan a route on your iPhone then launch the app on your Apple Watch.

The scenario behind the Apple Watch app sounds to be reasonable. U reach your destination with a smartphone but when you leave the car the app on your wrist will guide to actually door-to-door. It actually seems that the promise made by PNDs providers a decade ago might be finally fulfilled… with Sygic tech.


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Google Maps for iOS adds Facebook location sharing

Last month Facebook announced a new location sharing feature for Messenger. Unfortunately mapping features on FB are still on a very basic level.  So when you need to quickly share your location on Messenger or on computer I bet that Facebook maps were not your first choice. In most cases you would copy a link from Google Maps and paste it to Messenger or Wall. But when you’re using a smartphone it’s not that convenient anymore. Until now.

The latest version of Google Maps for iOS, version 4.8.0, has added location-sharing with Facebook and Facebook Messenger. To share your location, simply select a place nearby, tap on its name, and then touch the three dots at the top of the app screen. The Share option will pop up at the bottom of the screen, and then you’ll see the option to send your location to Facebook or Messenger. From there, you can decide with whom you want to share your location.


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