There are people who believe that Earth is flat. Seriously.


Although it’s hard to believe there is still a large group of people who believe that Earth is flat. Seriously. It’s not a joke.


Flat Earthers, as they refer to themselves, believe in the round Earth conspiracy theory orchestrated by NASA and other government agencies. The Flat Earth believers says that our planet is a disc with the Arctic in the center and Antarctica around the rim. The rim is ended with a 150ft (45m) tall wall of ice guarded by governmental agencies to prevent people from climbing over and falling off the disc.

There is also an explanation for the day and night cycle. According to Flat Earthers the sun and moon are spheres measuring 32 miles (51 kilometers) that move in circles 3,000 miles (4,828 km) above the plane of the Earth. They work like a spotlight providing light in a 24h cycle to different places of the disc. The moon phases are explained by an invisible “antimoon” that blocks the visibility of the moon.

Obviously there is no physical, empirical or mathematical proof to that statement that I don’t even want to call a theory. Interestingly, although it sounds crazy there’s an entire Flat Earth Society with over 500 members!


So where do such a crazy ideas come from?

Well we live in times when there is a place where people can easily share their conspiracy theories. This place is called the Internet and now everyone can share with the world their quasi-scientific ideas. In the times where the Internet is the main source of knowledge for many people and the trust to governments is so low, people will believe in anything.

Many people believe in what they read online. If there is some logic behind it and a bit of scientific language they assume that it’s truth. Frankly speaking I find it sad but on the other hand it’s also a bit fascinating. You can create any idea… And there will be always someone who will believe in it.

P.S. And for those who still need some more assurance that the earth in truly round 😉 take a look at this article from National Geographic and what this short video:

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  1. Or flat theory was made to troll people .Even better, people find this amusing and they decided to support this theory to troll others 😛

    • Can u really go off of that video now? Its 2016 our technology can create anything it seems. Just because there is “live” footage of Godzilla destroying Japan are you really going to believe it because it simply says live and its from a source you believe is credible? I mean how do you know how credible nasa is? Seeing that it is controlled by the government just like all media we receive. You must believe the government is credible and that’s laughable. I’m not saying the earth is flat. I’m saying do your OWN research. Look at the big picture before you decide to just shrug it off. I did. And I must say there are just some things that don’t make sense. And some that are senseless. Good hunting.

      • That frekking video is live you can tell theres no editing, and no these days you cant just fake video that can be checked, this video is legit, the earth is round, and nasa rocks

    • And as supporting evidence, you can yourself take a telescope and look up at this very same space station, as it streams overhead. I’ve done it myself.

      • I know NASA claims there are 2,271 satellites orbiting the earth. I do not see even one of them in the live feed. Where are They?

        • Leslie,

          You said above you were undecided but you are clearly leaning heavily towards flat earth. Think about what you asked logically…ok im assuming you live in the US somewhere…I could take 2,271 satellites (Most are the size of a small bicycle) and place them in your home state in random locations and the chance of you running into just one of them or seeing it from a distance would be extremely unlikely.

          Now imagine being where that live feed is coming from…its ABOVE the earth so the space is larger than your home state even…it would be like taking those same 2,271 satellites and this time hiding them in random spots over the entire surface of our planet (let’s assume they would float on the oceans not sink!). Your chance would be even slimmer and in space you are dealing with the entire surface of the earth every kilometer/mile as you wouldnt be able to spot a sattelite that far away.

    • I dont know if the earth is flat or a globe nor I will believe anybody telling me either unless I see it for myself. but Logically thinking without the feeds, a sphere is always round which means that the earth from an airplane cannot have a flat horizon. Every space in the sphere is not equal to its previous location. The earth has a flat horizon while looking out of an airplane which is not possible. It should have a curvature. It should look like this ISS feed at least to some extent but it does not. So how is it that there is this ultra curvature on this and not from an airplane and dont tell me its because of height. The earth is only 25000 miles in circumference which is nothing on a sphere when a plane is already 30,000 feet above the ground. I should see at least a minimum of 1 degree to 5 degree curvature but none. Its purely straight.

  2. Crawl back in your round earth hole. You can no more prove the earth is round then I can flat….oh..wait..I can with a green laser and a target about 60 miles away.

  3. Your all idiots frankly when the evidence is on NASA site they lied.. you clearly don’t do enough research and read fucking dumbass posts like this one. For one they claim you can see the earths curve watching a ship go out on the ocean, this has debunked, military laser targeting systems laser paint targets up to 150+miles away aiming towards the damn horizon not the damn ocean or ground (globe theory they would have to)
    NASA photos are Not consistent making any photo evidence and video evidence they claim non reputable because they are all different, if NASA had one picture the same over the few years of release then yes maybe a possibility but unfortunately they don’t, it would also help to see the NEW picture of earth that Russia NASA released 124 mega pix it looks more fake than the rest and also doesn’t even come close to any other pictures of earth, do you also notice they claim the earth is pear shape or an “oblate sphere” clearly you morons don’t know basic geometry or shapes for that matter because every image they have released is a perfect sphere and not oblate.

    Another thing NASA openly admits not being able to leave low earth orbit, its 2017 but they claimed they landed on the moon 40 years ago.. hmm go look at there site morons

    It would also help to learn geometry durrrrrr

    So before bashing people for having a belief with more evidence mathematically with observation and tests on the horizon at different altitudes the globe sphere fails making it a pseudoscience..but only educated individuals would understand that If It can’t be tested and observed then it isn’t real science.. you retards fall right back into photos from NASA. Videos from NASA well there credability went out the window with the fake pictures and bull shit contradicting statements they make, maybe read there damn site and see for yourself.. one minute they can’t go to the moon and haven’t in 40 years but yet they post photos of austronauts on the moon currently and post pictures of a installed tombstone on the moon for the fallen austronauts , give your head a shake and Read!!!! you chodes just disagree before looking into facts about flat earth vrs your so called facts of the globe .. don’t get me wrong I loved nasa until I took a little visit to there site and did my own little snooping the convincing came from NASA and there bullshit not flat earth , FE made a stronger point with more evidnece backing up more evidence with facts and tests that we can try and observe … now go google Science and pseudoscience for you dumb little shits out there making fun of people for no reason. Bottom line if it went to court the globe would fail due to reasonable doubt , stories arnt the same photos arnt the same etc sorry to pop you globe tard bubbles but I’m up for any intellectual argument involving real physics(ex law of motion) maybe you rotating globe tards should look up physics before shooting out bullshit physics THEORY , science real science the observable past the test kind and math! You know? 1+1= 2 or apparently geometry doesn’t work on a round planet go bang your head off a wall..

    Want to argue me with your own little scientific fact I challenge anyone and everyone to present me with SOLID scientific facts that do not involve NASA or any affiliated space program. Which is about 90% of the space programs in existence and the only civilian non private space exploration company has realeased photos and videos of maximum altitude completely contradicting NASA curved fish eye photos and videos … but you retards would just believe that wouldn’t you.. bet you if NASA told you your shit taste like chocolate you sheep would be eating your own shit!

    Rant out

    Globe Tards unite !
    Here’s my email for anyone that wants to try and stimulate my intellect with bullshit facts and fake science of the globe..


  4. Its atmosphere dip shit, there’s tiny drops of moisture in the air limiting our view at a longer distance, in some cases you can get a magnifying effect from the water in the air making buildings/sun or moon larger in the sky, when this happens the bottoms of the buildings will be hidden giving the illusion of the “curve in the ocean” this is easily fixed by zooming in with a high resolution camera in prime dryer conditions, frankly the more moisture in the air the harder it is to see at a distance. This is a scientific fact,

    It would help to educate your self before making yourself sound as dumb as the rest of the globe tards.

    Also the video you posted claiming facts to a round globe are pathetically weak.

    Stars and moon upside down in the hemisphere and you think that’s proof?
    Tape a arrow on the ceiling facing you… now walk the opposite direction of the arrow.. oh shit would you look at that the arrow is upside down… this plays the same roll for the moon and stars..

    Comparing other planets to our earth is as relevant as comparing the floor im walking on to the lamp or light on the ceiling … does not make 2 the same is not evidence.

    Photographic evidence? All false. Should do your research before you look like an idiot lol

    The sticks and sun to measure curvature? Really? HAHAHA moron!!! Using a sun dial as reference to a long flat plane earth with elevation lmao the guy in the “physics video” is clearly not that smart …

    And yes if I walked 1000km turned right walked another 1000km turned right and another 1000km turned right ya sure I could end up in the same spot! How on earth in anyway is that plausible as evidence.. lol

    Your weak and pathetic evidence shows lack of intellect and true knowledge

  5. NASA claims there are 2,271 satellites orbiting the earth. I do not see even one of them in the live feed. Where are They? The Red Bull Jump Video has no satellites showing in them. I think they forgot to input them in their special effects.

    • Read my comment above Leslie…where do you live? I could hide 2,271 satellites the size on average of a bicycle in your home state and you would likely never see them in several lifetimes of time…now multiply that by an area greater than the surface of the earth multiplied by even a bigger number…how the heck would you expect to see a satellite?

  6. This is how the president of Us speaks on Space programs. People apparently went to the moon 48 years ago and today with all the new breakthrough in technology he’s still talking about Low Orbit. I think they all went to Hollywood just like they do today in movies to produce exceptional content. So from 48 years they have been wasting time basically. Getting extremely rich I suppose.

  7. I don’t belive Americans are so stupid … but the comments from people beleiving in the flat earth theory are proof of it …


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