Sisters of SAR – Summary of activity – August 2022

Building a more diverse, inclusive, open and welcoming geospatial industry is all about giving a voice to a more diverse group of geospatial experts and it’s a pleasure to showcase SistersofSAR and the all the awesome work they do!

If you are wondering about Sisters of SAR and what they do, then please check out this introductory article on “Sisters of SAR: vision and mission“.

Here’s what Sisters of SAR have been up to this past month i.e. August 2022.


  • Aug 29: ?#SAR_Fact Monday! DYK ⁉️ Degree of polarization  describes the portion of a #SAR wave which is polarized & can be determined by taking the polarized power divided by the total power. The properties of the target, like roughness or moisture, affect DOP. #TheMoreYouKNow #EOChat
  • Aug 22: ?#SAR_Fact Day! ⁉️DYK for #incoherent targets,
  • #backscatter is partially or completely unpolarized (e.g. targets like #trees, #crops, etc.). Depolarization occurs from the multiple scattering occurring within the randomly oriented structures. ???#SAR #TheMoreYouKnow #EOChat
  • Aug 15: ?#SARFact Monday! ⁉️DYK coherent targets’ backscatter is generally fully polarized & these usually are man made structure such as buildings? ??? #SAR #TheMoreYouKnow #EOChat


  • Aug 23: ?#TrainingTuesday! ?Are you registered for the @UNAVCO ISCE #InSAR course going on right now? If not, check out➡️ playlist for the lectures! Awesome opportunity to learn about #InSAR!? #TheMoreYouKnow #EOChat ?If you are attending, tweet & tag us with updates!
  • Aug 16:?#TrainingTuesday! Today we are looking at a blog post by @kshahidkhurshid

summarizing really excellent #SAR tutorials & resources with links! ⬇️Check it out! #TheMoreYouKnow #EOChat

  • Aug 9: ?#TrainingTuesday!  ?Another #YouTube training on #SARBasics can be found at: ➡️https://youtu.be/igpXciF66L8. Every time we ?to different trainings we learn something new! #TheMoreYouKnow #EOChat
  • Aug 2: ?#TrainingTuesday! ⬇️Have you checked out https://geoawesomeness.com/eo-hub/  yet? This is a “one-stop shop” for all things EO!!! ?️Don’t miss out on this excellent resource from @geoawesomeness!  #TheMoreYouKnow #EOChat #SAR #EarthObservation #RemoteSensing


#DiversityDay Wednesday’s were:

  • Aug 24: ?️#DiversityDay! We’re following @NativeScientis1 who are a “network of #scientists committed to promote #diversity in #science, #education & #society. Inspiring the next generation of scientists”. ?Give them a follow & ➡️Check out https://nativescientist.com to learn more! #EOChat
  • Aug 17: #DiversityDay! We are following @SciGenderEquity who “advances #GenderEquity, #DiversityandInclusion in #HigherEducation & #Research institutions in Australia, including by using the #AthenaSwan framework”! ?? ?Give them a follow & learn more ➡️https://sciencegenderequity.org.au #EOChat
  • Aug 10: ?️#DiversityDay! Celebrating @UCDScienceWomen who “aim to recognise the achievements of women in STEM & to empower female scientists to engage equally in all aspects of scientific & academic life”. ?Give them a follow & ➡️check out https://ucd.ie/wits/ #Inclusion #EOChat
  • Aug 3: ?️#DiversityDay! Today we are following @DataSciJedi who are the “Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (JEDI) Outreach Group of the @AmstatNews”. ?Give them a follow & find out more at http://datascijedi.org #DiversityandInclusion #DiversityinSTEM #EOChat

#PictureDay Thursday:


Our #SAR_STARs were:

  • Aug 26:Our ⭐️#SAR_STAR on Aug 26 was Jess Payne (@Jess_ca_98) who is a #PhD student looking at Iran’s rapidly subsiding regions using #EO data, esp. #InSAR at @UniversityLeeds & has a #MSci in #NaturalSciences from @Cambridge_Uni. ?Give her a follow & ⬇️read on! #WomeninSTEM #EOChat
  • Aug 19: Our ⭐️#SAR_STAR on Aug 19 was Dr. Anna Maria Trofair (@WhinnyHowe) who  is a physicist & cryosphere scientist working for @esaclimate.Her expertise is in #radar remote sensing of the polar ❄️landscape with a background in #SAR. ?Give her a follow & ⬇️read on to learn more! #WomeninSAR #WomeninSTEM #EOChat
  • Aug 12: Our ⭐️#SAR_STAR on Aug 12 was Helen Hooker (@hooker_helen) who is a #PhD researcher at the University of Reading @UniRdg_Met @UniRdg_water @JBATrust who is improving #flood forecasting maps & systems using #SAR ? !?Give her a follow & ⬇️read on! #WomeninSTEM #WomeninSAR #EOChat
  • Aug 5: Our ⭐️#SAR_STAR on Aug 5 was Pavithra Raghunathan (@Pav_Raghunathan) who is a a #EO data scientist @CGI_NL, & works with #InSAR for ground motion analysis & #changedetection monitoring. She has a MSc in #Geosciences & RemoteSensing from @tudelft & a #BEng from @bms_of. Give her a follow?! #WomeninSAR


Additionally, we teamed up with the fabulous @LadiesofLandsat and a bunch of other amazing groups for a #ForestSAR after hours social networking event!

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Ladies of Landsat – Summary of activity – August 2022

Building a more diverse, inclusive, open and welcoming geospatial industry is all about giving a voice to a more diverse group of geospatial experts and it’s a pleasure to showcase Ladies of Landsat and the all the awesome work they do! Here is the summary of their activities during August 2022.

August 1 – Manuscript Monday feature of Dr. Iryna Dronova & Dr. Sophie Taddeo


August 5 – Co-Director Dr. Morgan Crowley was featured on NASA’s 50 Years, 50 Stories celebrating Landsat’s 50-year legacy

50 Years, 50 Stories: Morgan A. Crowley


August 8 – Manuscript Monday feature of Dr. Akansha Singh Bansal


August 11 – Co-founder and co-director Dr. Kate Fickas spoke at the NASA – USGS Handover event for Landsat 9 in Sioux Falls, USA and interviewed DOI Assistant Secretary Tanya Trujillo as part of her talk. 



August 15 – Manuscript Monday feature of Dr. Ana Bastos


August 22 – Manuscript Monday feature of Viola H.A. Heinrich


August 29 – Manuscript Monday feature of Dr. Anni Yang


August 30Dr. Kate Fickas, Dr. Flávia de Souza Mendes, Dr. Crista Straub and Maureen Duane organized a social networking event at ForestSAT 2022 with support from UP42, GeoChicas OSM, Sisters of SAR, Dames of Drones, and Women of WaveForms.


Overview Ladies of Landsat: 

Ladies of Landsat is a supportive and intersectional organization for underrepresented remote sensing scientists. It was founded in 2018 by Dr. Kate Fickas and joined soon after by co-director Dr. Morgan Crowley and lead-organizers Dr. Flávia de Souza Mendes and Dr. Meghan Halabisky. Ladies of Landsat aims to lift up, retain and attract underrepresented scientists to Earth observation sciences through our many outreach activities and networking events!


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