Samsung’s new smarthome-ready GPS tracking device is powered by LTE


Are you one of those people who can never seem to locate their keys? Or a doting parent who wants to keep tabs on the children? Well, Samsung has come out with a GPS tracking device that would relieve you from worrying about losing things, people or pets!

Measuring less than 2 inches and weighing only 0.05 lbs, SmartThings Tracker is small and light GPS tracking device that can be conveniently attached to a thing, a pet or a person. It is LTE-based, which means as long as you are within the range of a cellular network, you will be able to locate the device in real-time – both indoors and outdoors.

Samsung assures that the device is IP68-certified, so you don’t have to worry about your kid getting it wet in the rain or the dog kicking-up a dust storm while wearing SmartThings Tracker. It is supposed to give you at least a week’s worth of battery juice from a single charge, so that’s a good thing.

Another cool functionality of the tracker is that it is compatible with Samsung’s entire range of sensors and connected devices. This means you will be able to use SmartThings Tracker as an arrival sensor to trigger automated functions like a connected air-conditioner turning on when the device is within a geofenced zone defined by you.

Sharing the power button twice will send out the wearer’s real-time location to the SmartThings app. This, we imagine, would be quite handy while picking up children from the school or the mall, and also if a loved one is hiking or traveling. And if, for any reason, the wearer sense danger, they will be able to send out an SOS alert via the device.

Samsung started retailing the tracker in the United States on September 14. If you are getting one, we would love to hear your review!

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