Safe Software’s Ultimate Guide to CAD & GIS Integration

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Professionals working with CAD or GIS often have different approaches to problem solving; they often come from different academic and working backgrounds. With an increasing amount of organizations relying on geospatial solutions, there is also the need for seamless data integration. Safe Software provides a free e-book that explains the purpose of each software and how to better manage the data to be integrated in both directions. It is easy to read but very informative. There are even demos embedded inside the e-book.

Happy data integration!

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Google Street View comes to Bangladesh

Our Geoaweosme Team comes from many different parts of the world. Including Bangladesh, which has been recently added to Street View. Google’s vehicles have been doing the rounds in the home country of our fellow blogger Riazzudin for couple of months. The company had to partner with the Prime Minister’s Office through the country’s Access to Information Programme to make this happen.

For now Google released images of the Dhaka city and the port city of Chittagong. Additionally the Maps team introduced digital panoramic imagery of forty two of the country’s most important historic, heritage, and tourism sites.  Check it out:

source: Google Pacific Asia Blog


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