Raising vital funds for MapAction via the London Marathon


Marathon runners during a race.The London Marathon is scheduled to go ahead in a few weeks time (3rd October), which is later than normal due to Covid-19, but as normal, the 26 mile course is set to begin at Greenwich and finish at Buckingham Palace. Except if people are doing it virtually!

This year, along with 50,000 people doing the race in person, 37,000 are signed up to do a virtual race, meaning that people can take part wherever they are.

For many charities, including our partners, MapAction, the event is an important one, helping them to raise crucial funds to support their work.

Thanks in part to a blog we posted a few months ago, MapAction has five runners who include:

Aaron Berdanier (running it virtually), Tim Davis, Ian Davis, Paul Rogers and Ed Wallington.

Sponsoring them will help support MapAction to use their GIS and data visualisation skills in crises and other humanitarian situations.

Can you just donate to MapAction? Of course you can but sponsoring any of the runners via their fundraising pages is very quick and easy and also allows you to add Gift Aid. Anything you give will also help give the runners – who are now towards the end of their arduous training – a real boost.

We wish them the best of luck!

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Jo is Head of Communications at international humanitarian geospatial information charity MapAction. mapaction.org Twitter: @MapAction



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