“Racial” Geography: Racial tolerance map of the world

Blue signifies tolerance and red the opposite

Blue signifies tolerance and red the opposite

The world values survey asked participants around 80 countries in the world to state the type of people they did not want as neighbors. India, Bangladesh and Hong Kong were regarded as the most “racially intolerant countries” as over 40 per cent of the participants did not want a neighbor of a different race! The British along with Canada, Australia, New Zealand and US were regarded as the most tolerant.¬†Europe with the exception of Scandinavia and UK had mixed feelings towards people from other races.

In India, 43.5 per cent said they did not want someone of a different race as their neighbour. In Jordan it was 51.4 per cent, while in Hong Kong and Bangladesh, over 70 per cent said someone of a different race was their biggest concern in a neighbour. Source: The Telegraph

Here’s what I think about this map! This map supposedly is a indicator of how racially tolerant a particular society/nation is and the result is something that I am personally not able to accept or agree completely. Well, is accepting someone who is not a person of the same race as your neighbor, the only real tolerant racial behavior ? Although I do acknowledge that India may not be the most racially tolerant of countries per se; but I can vouch for the fact (or at least I believe it is) that it has to be one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world and has definitely one of most accommodative and affectionate people. To elucidate further, France with 22% of participants saying NO to a neighbor from a different race is not a racially intolerant country.

The only way to know for sure; ask the people who have travelled to these parts of the world ūüôā


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Foursquare-CheckinFoursquare is finally making one huge step forward to monetize their business. Last year 4-year-old start-up which employs over 200 people had just $2 mln revenues, which is basically nothing. From some time already they’ve been trying to switch from typical check-in app into local discovery tool and I must say that they’ve done a pretty good job.¬†This changes move 4sq from the business model where large corporations buy sponsored badges for thousands of dollars into large-scale advertising for small venues.

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