Create, Edit and Visualize GIS Data From Within the Google Earth Environment with GRGlobe


GRGlobe is an awesome new app for GeoGeeks from the Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) . It is a  commercial software solution to create, edit, and visualize GIS data natively within  a Google Earth environment.  Intended uses and users of GRGlobe include: government, defense, emergency response, law enforcement, energy, environmental, utility, education, land management, forestry.

According to SAIC, the features provides the following capabilities to users:

  •  Create, edit, and visualize GIS data natively on the Google Earth plug-in
  • Display data as organized GIS layers and view via a table of contents
  • Categorize feature data and visualize unique themed symbology based upon feature attributes
  • Open layer attribute table to select one or more features and view associated information
  • Edit feature attribute data
    • Attribute editing tool allows for layer editing and adding new attribute fields
    • Attach one or more linked files from multiple data formats (or folders) to any point, line, or polygon feature
  • Query attributes to locate feature data
  • Support for common coordinate systems and formats (DD, DM, DMS, UTM, MGRS, XY, and WKT)
  • Provide structure to data that enables GIS functionality
  • Easily import points, lines, or polygons from coordinates in multiple file formats:
    • KML
    • Esri® ArcGIS® shapefile and geodatabase (personal, file, enterprise ArcSDE®) data
    • Excel spreadsheet
    • Database (Access®, Oracle®, SQL® Server, etc.)
    • Delimited text
    • Semi-structured copy/pasted text
  • Export wizard creates products from specified layers and attribute data into popular formats:
    • Microsoft PowerPoint®
    • KML
    • GIS data (shapefile, geodatabase)
    • Excel® spreadsheet
    • Delimited text
  • Create, edit, and delete points, lines, and polygons with interactive point-and-click and coordinate-based tools
  • Add data from popular formats including:
    • Shapefile and feature class
    • KML data
    • Georeferenced raster data

And the benefits includes:

  • Combine and share data between multiple platforms
  • Fast, flexible interface
  • Quickly create, edit, import, and export data
  • Leverage your existing enterprise globe server for map and layer display
  • Create complete PowerPoint presentations from data layers and associated attributes, including imagery
  • Familiar interfaces and workflows designed from existing GeoRover software products

You can get a free trial version here and try it out now. Enjoy!

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