PrecisionHawk raises $18M to bring drone safety to the next level



As millions of drones started to fly over skies around the world, safety became a major issue. PrecisionHawk, a North Carolina-based company that is addressing this problem with a bunch of amazing technologies, has just raised $18 million in a Series C round of venture funding.

Founded in 2010 PrecisionHawk was one of the first start-ups that realized the potential of drones in remote sensing. Their first fixed-wing drone Lancaster has been widely appreciated by farmers in Canada and the US. But the company quickly realized that the use of small UAVs goes far beyond data collection.

Today PrecisionHawk offers several services that are transforming the industry. DataMapper is a cloud-based platform that enables non-professionals to store, process and analyze remote sensing data coming from drones. PrecisionHawk’s LATAS (Low Altitude Traffic and Airspace Safety) is the air traffic control system for drones that has been tested with both NASA and FAA.


The new funding will further accelerate the expansion of both systems. PrecisionHawk, CEO Bob Young commented:

Individuals and organizations across the world need better and more accurate data to manage the resources of our planet, and we are delighted to receive such a strong level of support and confidence from this group of investors to help us build out a platform for the industry. This team of partners and investors is collaborating to better serve the need for managing terrestrial change data. Providing a safe and reliable platform for managing aerial data is both an exciting and important project for our engineers and our partners.

Congratulations to PrecisionHawk team!

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