PokeVision and other Pokémon map tools stopped working after recent update


I guess that not all of the recent news about Pokémon Go updates made you happy. Niantic – the company behind the app decided to make it more difficult for the 3rd party developers to access Pokémon location information. As a result popular services like PokeVision or Find ‚Em All stopped working. The company commented that third-party apps where taking to much of its servers capacity that interfered with the company’s ability to “maintain quality of service” and bring the game to new markets.


pokevision stopped workingThe change coincided with another unpopular decisions. Niantic decided to get rid of the partly broken tracking feature that players used to find out the approximate distance to nearby monsters. The company also killed the apps’ battery-saving mode on iOS. All these decisions have angered and upset Pokémon Go fans around the world. It doesn’t mean that the app features won’t come back in a better and improved form but today you’ll have to live without them.

Niantic was clearly not prepared for such a success and now it has to balance the tasks of completing an unfinished product while maintaining the game’s quality and expanding geographically to keep the momentum and user growth. Bugs in the app are not a secret but we should be a bit forgiving as it’s free of charge. On the other hand there are in app purchases that Niantic would like you to use more often, so their final motivations behind different actions are not 100% clear.

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