Phiweek Bootcamp 2019: What to Expect


This week, 40 pre-selected participants from around the world will work in teams to respond to a specific industry challenge. Once selected, participation is subsidised 100% by ESA! During Phiweek, an Earth Observation run by The European Space Agency (ESA) the solutions will be tested with a set of users and then presented to a jury that awards prizes to the best prototype, which has the potential to be commercialised.

The PhiWeek Bootcamp is an intensive 5-day event, which aims to guide participants through the design sprint process, answering critical questions in the design, prototyping, and testing ideas relating to Earth Observation. You can see the full program.

During the PhiWeek Bootfcamp, there will be industry experts in earth observation who will facilitate, advise, and give talks! In addition to learning about design and earth observation challenges, the participants will surely have the opportunity to expand their network of like-minded professionals.

Interested to see what the participants will be up to? Follow PhiWeek Bootcamp on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram! Perhaps you can even apply next year!

I fell in love with everything geo after travelling and living in many places in the world. For me, it's a fun and rather interesting lens to see the world through! We live in a time where technology makes the world so much smaller, and we have to leverage this to build a vibrant community.



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