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Panama app 2 - Geoawesomeness

New interesting project from Jonathan Swerdlin – cofounder of Ocho – a popular short-form video platform. Panama is an anonymous video social network based entirely on location.

Social media like Vine or Instagram are profile-centric. People create networks by connecting users’ accounts and profiles. Panama is trying to move the spotlight to an interesting content rather than people. It doesn’t require registration or logging in. It wants you to easily, freely and creatively create and share videos.

Users can post up to thirty seconds long videos. You browse videos around you based on your location and chronological order. You can than either upvote or downvote each video. “Panamas” that get high number of upvotes are put into the trending section, which is viewable by all users. If someone abuses anonymity of videos or posts inappropriate content, it will be removed from the social network after receiving just 5 down votes. Essentially, it’s the Panama community that determines what videos stay and which have to go.


The app offers a couple of cool features like the app will allow music from any streaming app (like Spotify, Pandora, etc.) to continue playing while recording, so the phone’s microphone picks up the music and adds it to the video.

There are also some limitations. The app does not offer any cool editing possibilities like Snapchat. The videos are not visible on any map (to bad for geo geeks) but on a list depending on your neighbourhood rather than the exact location, and there are no filtering  options.

Right now, the app is available to anyone, but marketing efforts are being made predominantly in New York, so users can expect to see a lot Manhattan and Williamsburg-based content.

Will it gain a lot of users? We’ll see, nonetheless we support every location-based project:).

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  1. Thank you for the article, Aleks! We of course LOVE the geo community and are excited to innovate in this space. It has been an exciting journey already, and it’s just a week in.

    I’d love to hear feedback from anyone interested in Panama– Yep, that domain is 3x panama.


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