Open Street Map Was Faster In Mapping North Korea Than Google Maps

Couple of days ago I wrote a post about Google maps of North Korea. Thanks to comments of Soren from microformats.dk I’ve realized that Open Street Maps of North Korea are already there for while as well they are much more detailed.

OSM vs Google Maps

OSM mappers did a really great job creating a detailed map of North Korea! However I would as well state that the role of Google Maps for global spatial awareness is undeniable. It totally changed they way how people think about maps and use maps and the impact of update of North Korea in Google Maps has much bigger consequences for the world and the problem awareness than the same update in OSM. But this is only the matter of scale and I’m very impressed how detailed are OSM maps in Pyongyang.

Soren also introduced me to really awesome tool to compare maps from different services, check it up here.


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Foursquare Released ‘Foursquare for Business’ App

merchantapp_sidebyside (1)I’ve been writing in previous posts that Foursquare is heavily trying to monetize their service as investors are pretty cold about giving more money to start-up that made just $2 mln in revenues last year.  In 2011/2012 we’ve seen several spectacular changes to 4sq including: adding ‘the explore tab’, Yelp-like rating system, several improvements for business owners e.g. events, and modifications to privacy settings. In 2013 they continue the evolution and they’ve just launched ‘Foursquare for Business’ app for iOS and Android.

On Foursquare’s blog, the company explained the rationale behind the standalone app for business owners:

Over a million businesses use Foursquare to connect with their customers using our free tools. But sometimes, when you’re running around on the floor, it’s hard to hop on a computer and post your latest happenings, like the spring collection that just arrived or your newest menu item. So today, we’re releasing the Foursquare for Business companion app to help business owners share news with their customers, right from their phone.

The app is currently limited only to venues in US and it’s got pretty limited functionality: it allows to create an update and share it on Facebook and Twitter simultaneously, view recent check-ins, turn specials on and off, and check stats… but it’s a good way to go and a major step forward. Making it easier for business will make it more attractive for users, and I think that I don’t need to explain this simple relation;). Good job 4sq.

source: Foursquare

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