Online Mapping and Security: Spain might limit access to online maps

The Air Base in Madrid
The Air Base in Madrid

Google Mapathon in India ran into a controversy earlier this year when a Member of Parliament in India claimed that Google has violated the Indian Law by mapping defense establishments. Indian Law does not allow any other agency apart from the Survey of India to map areas that belong to defense establishments and other Government establishments like the Parliament.

Now the Constitutional Commission of the Spanish Congress is set to discuss a non-legislative proposal made by the Popular Party regarding access to online maps in the country. The proposal has been made in order to protect the country from Terrorist strikes; according to the party, online maps and GIS services can be used for undesirable purposes.

According to NewEurope “However, the group explained that terrorism doesn’t exist because of these new cartographic technologies, but they can make it easier the development of these actions if “the diffusion of the data is not well protected.”

Source: NewEurope

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