Nokia will create a drone traffic management system for Dubai



Imagine a city where public services are automated. Each street light senses your location and adjusts its brightness. Traffic management system will guide you directly to a free parking space. Smart sensors will monitor the activity of elderly people and, if necessary, call for help…

Although it still sounds a bit futuristic this vision is slowly becoming a reality. According to IHS Technology within the next decade we can expect over 88 metropolis around the world to become “smart cities”. Today one of the few cities that might be called ”smart” is definitely Dubai and the Dubai’s authorities are clear about one thing – there is no smart city without drones.

The state’s aviation authority (United Arab Emirates General Civil Aviation Authority – GCAA) has recently partnered with Nokia aiming to design a complete ecosystem for connected drones in Dubai. The company will set up, the first of its kind for a national government, system to help officials manage automated flight permissions, no-fly zone regulation and beyond-visual-line-of-sight safety operations, something like LATAS in the US. But this is just a beginning.

Bernard Najm, head of the Middle East market unit at Nokia, said in a statement “The UAE is committed to making Dubai the smartest city in the world, and UAVs are expected to play a critical role in this process by supporting a wide variety of smart city services”.

Consider a scenario where the accident occurred. Smart city management systems automatically detect the event and send drones to gather information in the form of images of vehicles, civilians or the environment. In another situation, drones can provide WiFi signal during blackouts to keep people informed. Possibilities are almost limitless, and opportunities are really tangible, making this concept so attractive.

As Eleanor Roosevelt once said –  The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

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