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New Nokia’s Mapping Platfrom Called “Here” Coming to iOS and Android

Nokia announced their new rebranded and enhanced version of Nokia Maps called Here. It will be available as both a free app and API for developers. According to a Nokia press release, it will be based on HTML5, and will feature offline modes, voice-guided walking directions and built-in public transit guidance, some of which aren’t present in Apple Maps app. Recently Google didn’t seem to be optimistic about Apple’s approval of their Google Maps app for iOS6 but relation between Apple and Nokia is different. Apple might welcome Nokia Here with open arms, rather than feel threatened, because iOS presence would help both Nokia and Apple take a shot at Google.

“When you look on a global basis, you realise that Nokia provides mapping capabilities across 200 countries, navigation capabilities in over 100 countries, you realise that 4 of out of 5 automobiles with build-in navigation system on the roads today they are using something from Nokia ” – said Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia for a Bloomberg TV. Unlike Apple, which only recently got in to the mapping game, Nokia has been here for years. Nokia Maps has been around in some form or another since 2001. Nokia introduced maps back in 2006 by acquisition of Gate5 and one year later by acquisition of Navteq for $8,1 billion.

Moreover Nokia is still improving the service.  It acquired Earthmine who specialized in high-tech 3D street-level imaging, which could help it compete with Google Street View. They’ve announced as well the increase of use of data-gathering cars, and to leverage crowd-sourced information for ongoing improvements to traffic data and map accuracy. Nokia clearly wants to start  to compete with Google more directly as a mapping solution provider.

source: Techcrunch

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Foursquare Shows Completely Fresh Approach And It Directly Competes With Yelp

Last week Foursquare launched some new features making a better use of billions of checkins collected over the years. It shows you a list of places to go based on where you and your friends actually like to go. Until now, the Explore tab in the app sent you to a mix of places suggested by friends and their actions, along with what was close by. Now, there is a heavy focus on the places you’ve been to, but haven’t been back to in a while. It also adds a rating system between 1-10 based on interesting information everyone has pumped into the system.

Actually now 4sq directly enters the territory of Yelp. Basically it was Yelp’s model and apparently 4sq noticed some probability it that approach. Over the past few months, Foursquare has been working to become more of a local search engine than just a check-in social network.They have started with launching the ‘Explore’ feature, and then opening it to the even non-4sq users.

But actually the Yelp is not sleeping. In August they ‘ve started the new feature including a news feed of sorts that shows friends’ activity on the site, including comments, check-ins, photos, and tips. They’ve also added in-app menus. The competition is always good… as it’s the best motivator for the development. Foursquare is surely looking for new areas to monetize their business. Although Foursquare is worth over $700 million according to their fourth round valuation, they’re business model is not sustainable. Yelp is worth twice as much, and I would look here for a source of  Fousquare’s decision to go into this direction.

source: Techcrunch

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