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New Esri COVID-19 map shows local trends in a novel way


I assume that most of you already seen the real-time Esri COVID map, which is without doubts a very useful tool followed by millions. Earlier this week Esri published a new map called Covid Pulse that is one of the greatest examples of data visualization that I’ve seen for a while.

The map illustrates daily cases, mortality, and cumulative cases per state and country in a way that makes it clear and informative. The temporal data are represented as three day-over-day sparklines. The data has been normalized to per capita values to make the comparison of states and counties even possible.

When you click on a trend line you get additional details regarding particular state and country with longer timestamps looking back to February 2020.

The map has been created by Jinnan Zhang and John Nelson (who’s maps we’ve been covering on Geoawesomeness a few times), of Esri, based on the data from Johns Hopkins University CSSE feature service of daily US County Cases since February 22, 2020,

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