#MiniView Google Street View Map for Miniatur Wunderland


The Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg is the largest model railway in the world with over 13,000 kms of railway tracks spread over an exhibition area of 1300 square meters. I wonder if Sheldon never mentioned this in the Big Bang Theory! Maybe now he might 😉

#MiniView Google Maps

Google has partnered with the Ubilabs, a German interactive mapping firm to map this miniature world using their toy-sized street view car!


The level of detail present in the Miniatur Wunderland is clearly evident when you see the street-view 360s. Its definitely worth a visit and if you can’t make that journey to Hamburg just yet, well, guess you know that’s why Google Maps has street-view 😉 Here’s the link to the Miniatur Wunderland Street View

Google Maps - Miniatur Wunderland
Google Maps – Miniatur Wunderland

Street View in Miniatur Wunderland: a long-held dream

We have spent seven years grappling with the question of how we can showcase Hamburg’s most popular attraction and make it accessible to an even larger audience. At the beginning, the technology wasn’t sophisticated enough to create attractive 360° panoramas on such a small scale. In 2015, however, the time had come – and we were able to execute this globally unique Street View project on behalf of Google and Miniatur Wunderland. – Ubilabs

Cool project Google! #Geoawesomeness

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