Mapping startups in Mumbai – Mumbai Made!


Mumbai is widely regarded as the financial capital of India. The Indian version of New York šŸ˜‰ Being theĀ financialĀ capital also means that there are a lot of start ups emerging out of the city.

“MumbaiMadeĀ isĀ an attempt to create an spatial database of start ups which have toiled, soiled, created, founded & built out of Mumbai (erstwhile Bombay).”

I was wondering why not Bangalore, Chennai or Hyderabad? Why single out Mumbai and they have an answer to that Ā – they are working on that and are planning to expand to other cities in India!Ā Interested in knowing more about their “Philosophy” –Ā click hereĀ .Ā MumbaiMade is an attempt by a bunch Information Technology professionals and Web designers to list the start ups in theirĀ favoriteĀ cities; an attempt to recognize and accelerate networking between the entrepreneurs and their evangelists and potentialĀ employees!

So if you are an entrepreneur in Mumbai or Bangalore – it’s time to get your company geotagged! šŸ˜‰

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I really want to go for it immediately, you can quickly make your order right here.

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Source: gearthblog.com.

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