Mapping International Trade

Trade deficits and protectionism are making headlines across the globe but how exactly does the flow of international trade look like? The global market for imported goods was $15300 billion in 2015 (UN’s Comtrade database).

Mapping the flow of international trade 

This map created by Max Galka shows where those products came from and where they went, each dot representing $1 billion in value. It’s amazing to see how certain countries dominate exports. You can select any country to get an overview of the imports. The Map is totally cool and would be helpful if you could have also selected particular goods.


Max created the map using data from UN’s Comtrade database which provides free access to detailed global trade data. If you are interested in learning more about how the map was created – here’s the link to the Youtube video explaining that.

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source: IDV Blog 

source: IDV Blog 

source: IDV Blog 

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