Awesome map showing speeds of buses in Boston


MBTA Bus Speeds Map Geoawesomeness

Interesting project coming from two GeoGeeks and enthusiasts of Boston who run blog called the Bostongraphy. The interactive map shows near real-time locations and speeds of buses in Boston, based on GPS probe data. Each path is colored along the way according to speed of travel.

The map doesn’t show the actual moving bus traces. It hourly aggregates the three most recent hours of data or allows you to view 24 hours of data from yesterday. The map is based on the discrete data points, so speeds are calculated based on straight-line distances between points, not on the actual distance traveled by the buses.

Still we get a very interesting effect. When you come back at different times you’ll notice how the patterns change for example between rush hours and the other times of the day, as well as over the weekends compared to weekdays.

The map has been developed based on Leaflet library and open bus data feed from Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA).


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