Did you like GeoGuessr? You’ll love this game as well.


Where in the World - Geoawesomeness

Do you remember GeoGuessr? It’s the most popular and addictive geo-game out there. There are quite of lot of other cool games but GeoGuessr was always ‘the one to rule them all’.

Recently I came across a game that might be similarly addictive. Where in the World is a project launched by a travel agency SuperBreak, that aims to check your Street View-based Geography knowledge in one of five categories: history, royal attractions, entertainment, travel and nature. Once you choose a category you will be shown 10 different locations from Google Street View in different countries. You will then be given 12 seconds on each location to navigate round and figure out where in the world you are.

Personally I find the game a little bit too easy but try it yourself;). Check it out below or go the website here:

SOURCEWhere in the world
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