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Let’s chat about Open Source and Hybrid GIS on #GeoChat this Thursday


This week on #GeoChat, we have Andy Dearing, the CEO of Boundless Spatial as our guest. You might know Boundless Spatial from their famous OpenGeo Suite package – the best applications from the open source world in one package for Web mapping.

What is #GeoChat again?

#GeoChat in a nutshell, is our version of the Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session or a town hall Q&A session, if you may, with the coolest GeoGeeks and geo companies.

#GeoChat is all about you and the questions you might have for Andy and Boundless about being in the business as an open source company and about Hybrid GIS solutions.; Topics that were voted most interesting 🙂

How to ask a question? And what time is it?

Include #GeoChat and tweet your question directly either to @geoawesomeness or to @adearing during the GeoChat. Its at 19.00 UTC, here is a link that will help convert it to your timezone.


Need more inspiration about the format? Here is the link to the past #GeoChat’s we have had with HERE and What3Words as an example.

Open Source and Hybrid GIS

Open Source is huge these days and it has certainly gained a lot of importance as well. In fact, Wired (one of our favourite tech websites out there) ran a cover story late last year titled “Open Source Software Went Nuclear This Year“. That being said, many organisations including Governmental agencies just can’t flip the switch and go Open Source in a day. That is where Hybrid software architecture that makes use of both proprietary and commercially supported open source tools (e.g QGIS) come in handy. Enough said, already! Join us on Thursday 27th October 🙂







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This new Google Maps widget will give you an overview of the traffic around


The latest beta version of Google Maps for Android got a handy new widget that gives you an overview of the traffic conditions in your area. The new feature is available in
version 9.39 of the app where you can find a new 1×1 shortcut you can add to your home screen.

When user opens the widget, he gets a bird’s-eye view on the traffic conditions around. It will show you a map with traffic information in all directions and a quick assessment of the overall traffic situation around. I think it’s an awesome and handy improvement. I use Google Maps as my primary daily traffic info app. Although I know a route between my office and home, I use it everyday to choose the fastest one. I don’t need to check the exact route, I just need to know which streets to avoid.

In order to add it to your phone you act like with any other widget. Touch and hold on the home screen, select Widgets, and then choose Traffic 1×1 from the Maps section. Cool feature Google!

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