Let your loved ones know you’re safe with Google’s new safety app

Share your location with your loved one to let them know you are safe, at all times, thanks to Google's new app.


In the ever-connected world that we live in, it can be worrisome not to know the exact whereabouts of a loved one; or sometimes you just want to keep someone updated about your location, just to make sure someone knows where you are and has your back. Personal Safety is a major concern and Google has a new app to put your mind to ease.

Trusted Contacts

Google’s Trusted Contacts is a really useful app that opens a direct line of contact between you and your loved one by letting you share your location in every situation – regardless of if you are offline (no internet, no mobile network connection, no battery) or if you can’t get to your phone to respond to them.

With Google's Trusted Contacts, you will never have to walk alone!
With Google’s Trusted Contacts, you will never have to walk alone!

Trusted Contacts works both ways i.e. you can choose to proactively share your location to them or your loved ones can request your location.

You’ll have to add your closest friends and family as trusted contacts for them to be able to be able to request your location, if all is well, you can simply deny the request but if you are unable to respond to the request within a reasonable time your location is shared automatically.

Why not bundle it with Google Maps?

I’d guess Google did not want to add too much fringe functionality to the maps app. Trusted Contacts is a really helpful feature but whether it requires a separate app is a different debate altogether but in the end, one has to appreciate the number of useful Location-based applications that emerge out of Google’s offices.

More info 

Trusted Contacts is available for download via the Google Play Store and If you’re an iOS user, here‘s where you can sign up to get notified when the iOS app is available. Got more questions about Trusted Contacts, here’s link to the Help page

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