Jobs in Geo – Week 9


At Geoawesomeness, we’re working on creating an interactive job portal for companies to submit jobs and for job-seekers to look for jobs in the geospatial industry.

For the past month or so, we’ve been sharing jobs on our LinkedIn and in weekly blog posts. While it certainly is not our final product, it allowed us to get some quick feedback and share some awesome jobs submitted by companies while we develop and test the job portal.

We’ve got 7 more awesome geospatial jobs this week and put everything else in a sortable table at the bottom. Thanks to the companies who submitted jobs with us!

Location-based Intelligence Intern at Apple

📍Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), USA


Fullstack Developer at the Austrian Institute of Technology

📍Vienna, Austria


Geo-spatial Analyst at Salient CRGT

📍Naples, Italy


Algorithms Engineer at Hivemapper

📍San Francisco, USA


Enterprise Drone Insurance Broker at Flock Cover

📍London, UK


Director of Data Partnerships at Unacast

📍Oslo, Norway


Senior Interaction Designer at FATMAP

📍Berlin, Germany


Here are the jobs we have previously posted:

If you see any positions that would be interesting for our community, you can also submit a job using the online form for us to review and include in our list!

Are there any specific things you’d like to see in our job portal? Feel free to get in touch.

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