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    The Emergency Division (OSE) is responsible for enhancing the World Food Programme’s (WFP) preparedness and response capacity in emergencies, including early warning, preparedness planning, crisis support and information management.

    In order to provide high level support to country offices responding to emergencies, the division explores constantly new technologies, It invests heavily in innovation and to integrate talented staff in its workforce.

    In this framework the Geographical Information System (GIS) Unit within OSE develops innovative systems to gather data from a wide range of data sources and to update georeferenced information. This is to ensure that WFP is ready to create detailed cartography as well as spatial analyses of the areas of interest in order to support humanitarian emergency response.

    The GIS consultant will support this effort by developing procedures to automatically gather, process and map such information. He will contribute to the maintenance and improvement of the existing infrastructure, and will develop new automatic procedures of GIS data harvesting and mapping.

    The GIS consultant will be also responsible for the implementation of GIS applications for various divisions in WFP and for capacity building activities related to various GIS software that will be delivered by the team to colleagues in WFP and cooperating partners.



    • Develop automated GIS procedures
    • Design analysis workflows involving datasets derived from various sources, within the framework of ALIA project (Automated Livelihood Information Assistant)
    • Develop the mapping engine of HTA (Humanitarian Topographic Atlas), platform for automatic production of highly detailed printable maps;
    • Perform spatial analysis, vector and raster manipulation, data cleaning and data management.
    • Maintain the GIS Data Harvesting System, build workflows to automatically process geospatial data, run analyses, produce and disseminate maps
    • Create automated workflows for estimating the impact of natural disasters, population vulnerability and potential response planning.
    • Design automated mapping engines, and maintain existing ones.
    • Develop scripts for text manipulation
    • Collaborate with the GIS team for the maintenance and further improvement of existing mapping systems and platforms, i.e. ADAM (Automated Disaster Analysis and Mapping).


    • The Humanitarian Topographic Atlas is able to produce and disseminate maps covering all WFP countries, at three resolution levels: Country, District/Region and High-Resolution.
    • Automated analysis on natural disaster impact and population vulnerability are performed in case of tropical storm, maps are produced and disseminated with non-supervised process (ALIA pilot project)
    • WFP spatial data harvesting engine is up and running, collecting and managing spatial data from different sources.
    • ADAM Earthquakes, ADAM Tropical Storms, and other WFP GIS tools are up and running and map outputs disseminated for field use;
    • New functionalities and extensions of ADAM are developed and integrated with the main platform.



    Master’s degree in computer science, Information Technology or relevant field, OR equivalent work experience is required.

    Minimum of 3 years of increasingly relevant professional experience; OR without a master’s degree: 5 years of proven working experience in developing GIS applications.
    Knowledge & Skills:

    • Proficiency in Python development language is a must.
    • Demonstrated capability developing, testing, and integrating custom software tools;
    • Extensive knowledge of GIS software ARCGIS 10.X and ArcGIS Pro (QGIS or other open source software knowledge is an asset);
    • Familiarity with ArcGIS’s Data Management, Spatial Statistics, and Spatial Analysis Toolboxes;
    • Advanced GIS development skills, both in ArcGIS and QGIS environment (ArcPy and PyQGIS);
    • Proven experience in map automation processes, preferably with ArcPy Mapping Library;
    • Experience with Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL) computer software library;
    • Working experience in the management of Relational geodatabases based on PostgreSQL/PostGIS and ArcSDE and proficiency with SQL language;
    • Experience in Numpy and Pandas libraries for data manipulation and analysis;
    • Advanced mapping and geospatial data management skills;
    • Understanding and appreciation for Clean Code, TDD, Design Principles and other best practices. Proficient understanding and experience with code versioning tools such as Git.
    • Basic knowledge on server administration tasks (Linux and Windows based systems)
    • Basic experience working with AWS cloud based servers;
    • Ability to work independently and within a team;
    • Courtesy, tact and ability to work with people of different national and cultural backgrounds;
    • Ability to communicate clearly and concisely both orally and in writing;

    Languages:  Working knowledge of English (proficiency/level C) is required.

    A second UN language would be an asset (preferably French, Spanish or Arabic)

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