Tech Lead - Senior DevOps Engineer

Sveta Nedelja, Croatia/Remote
Added: January 17, 2024

Join the Wingtra team and become part of this venture-backed robotics scaleup with a global and international team of 180+ dedicated Wingtranauts who want to see their actions have a positive and lasting impact on the world. Founded more than 7 years ago at ETH Zurich, Europe’s leading robotics university, our goal is to build the best aerial robots to digitize the world at the push of a button and set the basis for faster and better decisions. Wingtra provides efficient and reliable data solutions to a variety of industries ranging from mining, construction and agriculture to humanitarian organizations, environmentalists and wildlife monitoring groups.

We are reaching for the stars and together we might just get there. Open communication, asking hard questions and valuing diverse viewpoints are but a few things that will help us achieve our goals. Above all we will never stop learning and striving to help each other reach our maximum potential.

About the team

The Wingtra DevOps team currently consists of only one dedicated DevOps engineer that brings extensive experience from past Wingtra products. The DevOps discipline is part of the Quality Assurance (QA) department which continuously ensures high quality and reliability of features released on Wingtra drones.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming new talent to our team!


  • Take ownership of the end-to-end delivery of a robust, reliable multi-stage continuous integration, delivery and monitoring framework for Wingtra’s software development lifecycle
  • Technical leader in the DevOps domain while overseeing technical aspects by making architectural and design decisions, guiding team members in technical matters, and supervising system modifications
  • Manage, maintain and scale-up the infrastructure needed to facilitate continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) needs, including managing the storage, flow and accessibility of large amounts of flight data, used for continuous integration
  • Setting the technical direction in the technical field of DevOps and clearing the way of any technical hurdles that may arise, whether it be closing technical knowledge gaps, finding answers to product questions, or streamlining existing operations
  • Creating a framework of technical standards and procedures
  • Guiding and coaching team members with troubleshooting technical issues
  • Analysing existing operations to identify risks and redundancies
  • Conducting comprehensive assessments to develop solutions
  • Utilising new technologies to guide innovation within and outside of QA
  • Working in both a technical capacity and content leadership position
  • Coaching other team members supporting their growth in technical expertise


  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in computer science or related
  • 8+ years of experience, combined as technical contributor, technical project manager
  • You are an eager problem-solver, quick on your feet in debugging system failures, wherever they come from
  • Broad knowledge of the latest tools and best practices in the professional software development world
  • Fluent in software development, deployment and integration toolchains using technologies such as Git, Jenkins Pipelines and Docker containers
  • Strong scripting skills: Unix Bash, Python, Groovy, SQL, Windows Batch
  • Experience in test automation frameworks, incl. architecture, configuration, orchestration and reporting of test results. Embedded software + hardware products are strongly preferred
  • Experience in Linux system administration
  • Well-developed communication skills, people-oriented mindset and natural leadership traits


  • Previous experience in the development and deployment of embedded software (C/C++), for microcontrollers and/or ARM-based linux computers
  • Proven ability to design, architect and implement continuous integration systems for embedded systems at scale
  • Experience with Software-in-the-loop and Hardware-in-the-loop simulation environments
  • Data engineering experience; managing large databases, creating efficient pipelines for storage, processing, querying and representation of data
  • Experience with REST-based web-services and similar API integrations
  • Exposure and interest in unmanned aerial vehicles, robotics or IoT
  • Background in Systems engineering

If you enjoy teamwork more than being the individual superhero, and if you thrive in a feedback-driven culture and an exciting, unconventional yet structured and progressive start-up environment, we would love to hear from you.