Software Engineer (Architecture and Operations) (m/f/d)

Munich, Germany
Added: March 26, 2024
The Mission

We are looking for talented Software Engineers with demonstrated real-world experience to help us conceptualize, implement and operationalize mission-critical software components at the heart of our satellite constellation. As a key member of our team, you'll play an essential role in the ongoing operation and enhancement of our space-based sensor network for wildfire detection - transforming raw sensor data into geophysical quantities, directly contribute to refining our ability to monitor and respond to wildfires, helping to safeguard communities, preserve wildlife, and protect ecosystems worldwide.

What you’ll be doing

  • Development & Operations: Engage in end-to-end development of cloud and embedded solutions, with a strong focus on building and deploying functionality for our operational satellite constellation.
  • Code Management: Establish and participate in code reviews, and adhere to established git workflows to ensure high-quality software development. Utilize GitLab as the primary version control platform.
  • Continuous Integration: Establish and maintain automated end-to-end testing frameworks for our satellite platform, and be responsible for CI pipelines ensuring software robustness and reliability.
  • Teamwork & Communication: Work as an integral part of an agile development team, emphasizing asynchronous communications. You're expected to prioritize your work, focusing on impactful tasks and taking responsibility for deliverables.
  • Modeling: Proficient in complex system modeling and skilled in breaking down given problems into manageable parts. Demonstrate discernment in making (or refraining from) engineering trade-offs while executing extensive software projects, such as satellite constellations.
  • Operations: Handle Linux-based infrastructure as shared responsibility running your own applications, ensuring optimum performance and reliability. You'll have hands-on involvement with databases, APIs, and networks.
  • Tech Stack Proficiency: While Python remains an essential part of our stack, proficiency in other high-level, type-safe languages is valued. Familiarity with the shell and general software engineering principles is a must.

We're looking for someone who’s proactive, with a strong ability to understand the bigger picture while also diving deep into technical details.

Relevant Skills

  • Shown practical experience required (acquired at prior jobs, academic or open-source projects, etc.).
  • Advanced programming skills (preferably Python, C++) and git, docker.
  • Knowledge and application of modeling approaches University degree in Computer Science, STEM/MINT, or equivalent.
  • Collaborative software development (think: “develop a concept, pitch it to your peers, implement a prototype, accompany the implementation, deploy to production, evaluate results, repeat”).
  • Fluent in English, German is a plus.

We Offer

  • You have the opportunity to become part of our firefighting mission from space and deliver the tools to better cope with natural disasters and mitigate climate change - could a job be any cooler?
  • You will gain insights into the most exciting new technologies and business models.
  • We value perfect espresso - you'll love our high-grade espresso machine. Additionally, free drinks and snacks are always available at the office.
  • Attractive office with modern labs at "Neue Balan" near Ostbahnhof with own pool (yes!) and access to the rooftop terrace.
  • A responsible position with individual autonomy, design freedom and competitive salary.
  • Flexible working time. Take care of your family? Late sleeper? Early riser? We can make all of that happen!
  • Company events and get-togethers (Christmas, Summer party, Oktoberfest, etc.).

And always a great story to tell at parties:)

Our Benefits

  • Mobility benefit: Deutschland Ticket or MVV ticket
  • Sports benefit: Membership at Urban Sports Club
  • Virtual shares for all permanent employees (VSOP=Virtual Share Option Program)
  • Company pension scheme (bAV) in cooperation with Allianz
  • Company accident insurance for all employees (insurance for accidents during work and leisure time around the world 24/7)
  • Discount on lunch meals
  • On top, enjoy a regular, fully-funded 5-day retreat to a Bavarian castle, devoted to pursuing your personal passion projects

About Us

At OroraTech, you can expect a down-to-earth yet high-caliber work environment. You will be part of the OroraTech team - a talented, international and open-minded team that is highly motivated to create impact.

With us you can grow on a professional and personal level and gain insights into the most exciting new technologies and business models.

You will have the opportunity to become part of our firefighting mission from space and deliver the tools to better cope with natural disasters and mitigate climate change.

Could a job be any cooler?

We are looking forward to your application!