Signal Processing Intern

Bangaluru, India
Added: April 12, 2024
We are looking for a Digital Signal Processing Intern to join us and work developing algorithms for Synthetic Aperture Radar. Candidates should have both practical and theoretical knowledge of Digital Signal Processing of Radar data.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Develop processing algorithms which can ingest collected Raw data and give processed image
  • Develop image correction and enhancement techniques to improve the quality of image depending on application requirements
  • Closely work with technology team to update or finalize image quality
  • Understand important keywords related to Radar system to suit the algorithms depending upon system requirements
  • Closely work with RF and Data Acquisition team to understand the inputs for processing better.
  • Closely work with Software team for deploying the implemented algorithms.


  • Practical and Simulation Experience working with Radar signal processing applications.
  • Thorough knowledge on Digital Signal processing, Signals & Systems.
  • Knowledge of signal and image correction techniques.
  • Good to Have Knowledge of Synthetic Aperture radar and processing methodologies
  • Coding experience in MATLAB, Python or C languages.
  • Should have good communication skills and be able to work in an agile environment


  • Fair compensation will be provided as per market standards
  • Experience rapid growth and start-up culture
  • Open to explore, discuss and implement new ideas and processes
  • Opportunity to work closely with the Founding Team at GalaxEye
  • Get a chance to work with Advisors, holding senior positions and decades of experience