ServiceNow Platform Manager

The Weather Company
Atlanta, GA
Added: April 5, 2024
About The Weather Company

The Weather Company is the world’s leading weather provider, helping people and businesses make more informed decisions and take action in the face of weather. Together with advanced technology and AI, The Weather Company’s high-volume weather data, insights, advertising, and media solutions across the open web help people, businesses, and brands around the world prepare for and harness the power of weather in a scalable, privacy-forward way. The world’s most accurate forecaster globally, the company reaches hundreds of enterprise clients and more than 360 million monthly active users via its digital properties from The Weather Channel ( and Weather Underground (

Job Brief

This role is critical to the continued availability and evolving use of the ServiceNow platform currently used by LOB Product and Service, Share Service, DevOps and IT Operations user, consumer and leadership communities. This platform brings forth relevant workflow automation capability, to a growing number of internal stakeholders, providing expected levels of processing efficiency, control and compliance. The TWC ServiceNow Platform Manager will be the primary interface between our valued internal stakeholders and the internal ServiceNow Engineering team providing a level of transparency, expertise and support that continues to provide usable, scalable and maintainable workflow automation solutions. This role is a composite of scrum master and product owner with a potential to grow wider and deeper into the IT product and service management world.

The Impact You'll Make


  • Seek input, define, and strategize the role of ServiceNow and it’s forecasted workflow automation needs for the upcoming year into a roadmap of projects
  • Understand the total forecasted requirement and define the supporting priority and resource requirements (e.g., business goals, licensing needs, engineering team, etc.)
  • Lead transformation and long term strategic execution of Product Data & Catalog initiatives
  • Maintain the centralized backlog of critical work activity feeding in new requirements from active incident, vendor maintenance, compliance response and project queues


  • Facilitate automation discussions with business SMEs and technology partners resulting in agreeable UI/UX designs, architecture and timelines in keeping with the committed roadmap, compliance requirements and known operating constraints. Optimize our internal customers’ workflow experience using a variety of inputs, and clearly articulate rationale and data behind key design decisions
  • Work with the business and technical SMEs to accurately capture the core business requirements into the backlog. Continue to groom the backlog throughout the year for accuracy and relevance
  • Maintain good design, support and maintenance documentation practices


  • Prioritize ‘next inline’ backlog activity associated with the iterative development plan (e.g., strategic project phases) and urgent requests into into ServiceNow’s sprinting schedule, remaining a quarter ahead
  • Maintain pace with active sprint commitments, address blockers and minimize impact of runtime decisions on changes in requirements, design and delivery details
  • Provide data and informational updates to help drive sprint progress and process improvements utilizing a standard set of KPIs. Further, improve program increment (PI) planning and associated processes to develop and drive vision, roadmap, backlog and pre- and post- PI planning


  • Manage release activity ensuring best practices are followed (e.g., sub-prod instance preparation, required data syncs, QA, UAT, migration, release notes, etc.)
  • Communicate and align with department leaders and stakeholders on project, sprint plans, product roadmap, status, change requests, issues and risks on a regular basis
  • Socialize new and upcoming ServiceNow capabilities with internal business and IT communities


  • Partner with stakeholders understanding their environmental challenges, opportunities and evolving needs for workflow automation
  • Partner to our critical API partners understanding their challenges, opportunities and evolving needs for integrated workflow automation
  • Partner to compliance experts understanding emerging challenges, opportunities and evolving needs for continuous compliance and actively participating in assessments, risk escalation and mitigation
  • Partner with the ServiceNow account management team to actively comply with their contractual requirements for instance management, patching and upgrade

What You've Accomplished

  • 10+ years experience in managing (SaaS based) systems engineering projects and must demonstrate a leadership role in at least two or three successful projects / programs that were delivered on time and on budget
  • Experience with the mainstream project management and agile methodologies. Ability to manage multiple concurrent objectives, projects or activities, making effective judgments as to prioritizing and time allocations. Understands work and activity can be impacted by shifts in demands and priorities. Responds to day-to-day operational priorities while still making progress on project work. Addresses potential conflicts that impact delivery commitments, working with team members, management and other stakeholders to re-prioritize as necessary.
  • Possesses the knowledge and ability to apply effective analytical techniques and tools. Analyzes organizational issues, determines the root cause and creates alternative solutions that are in the best interest of the business. Approaches situations by defining the issue, determining its significance and identifying the forces, events and people impacting and impacted by the situation at hand. Uses logic and intuition to make inferences about the meaning of data and arrive at conclusions, applying flow charts, diagrams and other tools as necessary. Able to systematically compare and assess varied alternative solutions.
  • Knowledge of ServiceNow (or like automation platforms), and its ability to improve work processes and results (e.g., enhance productivity, efficiency, collaboration, quality, or customer satisfaction). Know how to utilize ServiceNow to solve workflow related problems, find new methods to enhance results, and create new automation opportunities. Pursues opportunities to develop ServiceNow knowledge and experiments with emerging technology solutions that can help accomplish workflow goals. Serves as a resource to help internal stakeholders understand and anticipate the impact of ServiceNow on current state processes, products, and services.
  • Experience in defining end-to-end test coverage, observability, security and privacy compliance, alerting, and performance. Facilitate the support production services.
  • Possess exceptional communication skills, with the ability to collaborate effectively across diverse teams; proficient in articulating complex technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders, fostering understanding and alignment; proficiency in creating comprehensive technical documentation and conducting training sessions for end-users to ensure smooth adoption of new systems or features.