Robotics Engineer III (FW)

NewSpace Research and Technologies
Bengaluru East, India
Added: February 24, 2024
Swarming: Fixed-wing

Who We Are

We are a start-up based out of Bengaluru amp; Delhi NCR. We are engaged in development of next generation missions and technologies (NGMamp;T) towards future warfare needs of the Indian defence forces. It is undertaking research towards enhancing persistence and autonomy for unmanned vehicles and robotic swarms. NRT’s product development portfolio includes a solar power stratospheric high altitude pseudo satellite (HAPS) unmanned platform and an air/ground launched stand-off autonomous system.

Roles And Responsibilities

  • Generating algorithms like search optimization, mapping and localization, obstacle avoidance etc. Setting up and working in a simulation environment for testing algos.
  • Guidance laws/Control laws of vehicles. Path planning and path following for autonomy of vehicles catering to alignment towards target and collision avoidance among other agents. Basics of control systems, maybe some advanced control systems like LQR.
  • DLL generation in Matlab /Simulink or OOPS language and deploying it on various real and virtual environments.
  • Understanding and deployment of visual and depth sensors on aerial vehicles, sense and perception based flying using available sensors (OODA loop).

Must Have

  • Comfortable with Linux based OS. Should have worked on ROS, Matlab/simulink, unity or simulation environments/game engine.
  • Descent programming skills required like C , C++ , C# or python.
  • Worked on Raspberry Pi or Nvidia Jetson or any other platform.

Good To Have

  • Experience with algorithm like A*, Djikstar ,PSO, SLAM , EKF based localization, etc.
  • Experience in ardupilot/PX4 or any flight controller. SITL and HITL setup in various environments and basic knowledge of data sharing happening between involved tools.
  • Experience in Unity or unreal or any game engine.
  • Basics of Control systems and Aerospace understanding. Experience in Mavlink
  • Familiar with GitHub/bitbucket.

Basic Requirement

  • Bachelors/Masters (Computer Science/Electronics Engineering is a must)
  • 5-8 years of relevant experience