RF Systems Engineer

Bangaluru, India
Added: April 12, 2024
Company Description

GalaxEye aims to shape the future of remote-sensing, providing the most meaningful dataset, thus helping businesses and governments make data-driven decisions based on insights from satellite imagery. We will provide Satellite Imagery Datasets, and Value added services to Geospatial Analytics Companies and Infrastructure enterprises. At GalaxEye, we are working to build the best remote-sensing technologies and researching various aspects of remote sensing.

Role Description

You will be a part of the Spaceborne team with cross-cutting interactions between the EE, Missions and Policy team. As a RF Systems Engineer you will be responsible for integrating a Satellite Communications (SatComms) module with a Ground Segment (GS) to ensure the success of communication between satellites and ground stations.


  • System Integration: Integrate the SatComms module with the Ground Segment infrastructure, ensuring seamless communication and compatibility between satellite and ground systems.
  • Frequency Coordination: Coordinate frequency allocation and management for satellite communication links to avoid interference and ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Link Budget Analysis: Conduct link budget analysis to determine the communication performance and feasibility of satellite-ground communication links under various conditions.
  • Testing and Validation: Develop test plans and procedures for validating RF communication systems, conduct tests, analyse results, and troubleshoot issues to ensure system functionality and performance.
  • System Design SatCom: Define RF communication requirements, selecting components, testing equipment for compliance, integrating components into the satellite system, conducting system-level testing, and ensuring regulatory compliance through documentation and reporting.
  • Security and Encryption: Implement security measures for satellite communication data, including encryption, access controls, and authentication mechanisms. Ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data, and prevent unauthorized access.


  • Bachelors degree in electrical engineering or other engineering discipline
  • Expertise in RF Engineering, Strong background in RF principles, including antenna design, modulation techniques, and signal processing.
  • Knowledge of spectrum regulations and frequency management for Frequency coordination.
  • Network Security Proficiency
  • Familiarity with international regulations governing satellite communication systems.
  • Experience in testing and validating integrated SatComs systems for performance and reliability

Preferred Skills

  • Masters degree or PhD in electrical engineering with emphasis in RF Communications or Communication Systems or Information Theory.
  • Specialized course work or certifications in Satellite Communications
  • Understanding of encryption, authentication, and access control mechanisms to safeguard satellite communication data
  • Ability to System Architect complex communication architectures considering satellite orbits, coverage, and data rates, ground station topology and protocols for Satellite Communications.
  • Proficiency in tools such as MATLAB, Simulink, CST Microwave Studio, or ADS for modelling and simulating RF systems
  • Skills in documenting system designs, requirements, and test plans for stakeholder communication and compliance
  • Ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams, including engineers, stakeholders, and regulatory authorities.
  • Experience in managing and leading a small team
  • Ability to work extended hours or weekends as needed for mission critical deadlines


  • Fair compensation will be provided as per market standards
  • Experience rapid growth and start-up culture
  • Flexible Working Hours
  • Open to exploring, discussing and implementing new ideas and processes
  • Opportunity to work closely with the Founding Team at GalaxEye
  • Get a chance to work with Advisors holding senior positions and decades of experience.