Quality Engineer (Product & Development)

AEVEX Aerospace
Tampa, FL
Added: April 26, 2024

Job Overview

The Quality Engineer primarily focuses on quality planning efforts during the development and design phases of the product life cycle. This individual will establish the baseline for project quality objectives based on the definition of requirements provided by the engineering development team, and then develop the documentation necessary to execute them upon contract award. Additionally, the Quality Engineer will develop Quality Assurance Project Plans for new development efforts, including documentation of testing procedures, inspection methods, necessary process controls, and criteria for product acceptance.

Essential Functions

Creates Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPP) for development efforts to capture project specific quality objectives, measurement methods, and criteria for success.

Documents the product acceptance system, including product conformance criteria, validation methodology, testing requirements, process controls, and any specialized inspection/testing equipment needed.

Identifies and describes the standards, practices, conventions and metrics that are to be applied to a project throughout the development and production phase.

Assists in the development of product fabrication/assembly plans including the use of qualified processes, equipment and personnel, tooling and test equipment, supplier certifications, and specialized inspection requirements and sampling rates for procured items.

Interfaces with additional Quality team members to identify failure trends and process deficiencies identified during the production phase for continual improvement of the development phase.

Standard Essential Functions

Regular and reliable attendance on a full time basis [or in accordance with posted schedule].

Responsible for exhibiting professional behavior with both internal and external business associates that reflects positively on the company and is consistent with the company's policies and practices.

Embodies AEVEX’s cultural values and aligns daily actions with department goals and company culture.

Qualifications and Competencies

Proficient in developing comprehensive Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPP) aligned with DoD standards (e.g. DI-QCIC-81794).

Practiced in the creation of inspection forms, attribute checklists, and characteristic acceptance documentation packages with respect to industry standards (e.g. AS9102).

Experienced with standards for the development of system design and integration testing methodologies (e.g. MIL-STD-810) and the associated documentation standards (e.g. DI-NDTI-80809/81794).

Skilled in review of fabrication/manufacturing plans with respect to electronic component assembly and systems integration industry specifications (e.g. IPC J-STD-001).

Able to use metrology and statistical methods to validate quality control practices and verify inspection sampling calculations.

Adept at performing defect and root cause analysis to enable continuous improvement over the entire product life cycle.

Education / Certifications

Bachelor's degree in Systems Engineering or related discipline.

ASQ CQE/CRE Certification (desired but not required).


3-6 years of relevant work within the aerospace industry, doing quality engineering for systems integration.