QA Automation Engineer

Bengaluru, India
Added: April 4, 2024
About SatSure

SatSure is a deep tech, decision Intelligence company that works primarily at the nexus of agriculture, infrastructure, and climate action creating an impact for the other millions, focusing on the developing world. We want to make insights from earth observation data accessible to all.

SatSure is seeking a Software Quality Assurance Engineer driven to merge quality assurance principles with a deep understanding of software functionality. Responsibilities will involve the meticulous testing and validation of UI/UX design implementations for Web Dashboards and Mobile Applications.

If you are interested in working in an environment that focuses on the impact on society, driven by cutting-edge technology, and where you will have the freedom to work on innovative ideas and be creative with no hierarchies, SatSure is the place for you.

Roles And Responsibilities

Planning & Design

  • Designing and Implementing Automated Systems: A large part of the job involves designing new automated systems. This includes understanding the business requirements.
  • Contributing to the development and implementation of quality assurance strategies, methodologies, and standards.
  • Manual Testing: Occasionally do manual testing to understand the flows and build automation on top of it.


  • Automate manual flow using a variety of standard automation tools using Python or Java
  • Integrate automated testing as part of the existing CI/CD pipelines.
  • Write automated testing to verify the performance and scalability of applications to ensure they can handle expected loads.
  • Constantly read, upskill, and implement the latest technologies.


  • Collaborating with cross-functional teams, including developers, business analysts, and product owners.
  • Closely work with DevOps to productionize the automated test suite



  • Understanding Testing Frameworks: Knowledge of frameworks like Selenium, Appium, or JUnit is crucial as these are regularly used in automation testing.
  • Proven experience in manual testing of mobile or web applications, with a minimum of 1-2 years.
  • Experience with CI/CD Tools: Familiarity with continuous integration/continuous delivery tools like Jenkins, Bamboo, or CircleCI can help improve the software development process.
  • Familiarity with Different Testing Levels: A good automation test engineer should be familiar with unit testing, integration testing, system testing, and acceptance testing.
  • Familiarity with Agile or Scrum methodologies and the ability to work in an Agile environment, participating in daily stand-ups, sprint planning, and retrospectives.
  • Detail-Oriented: They need to pay great attention to detail and spot and fix any issues or inconsistencies within the software.


  • Knowledge of Cloud Technologies: With more and more enterprises moving to the cloud, knowledge of technologies like AWS, Azure, or GCP is a plus.
  • Experience in testing GIS Tools/Software like Quantum GIS, Google Earth, and similar tools.

Why Us?

  • Opportunity to work on a unique and futuristic cutting-edge technology stack.
  • Freedom to work on innovative ideas and be creative with no hierarchy barriers.
  • Additional allowances for learning, skill development, broadband, medical insurance cover, etc.