Product Manager

Vizzio Technologies Pte Ltd
Added: April 26, 2024


VIZZIO builds the world’s leading 3D modelling and visualisation software for city-scale digital twins and mission-critical dashboards for governments and enterprises.

We are recognized globally for producing meticulously detailed, precisely measured 3D digital building models using advanced satellite imagery and artificial intelligence—eliminating the need for drones or aerial photogrammetry.

We are a team of creative technologists on a mission to reimagine the art and science of 3D. We are a venture-backed startup creating a radically new kind of 3D modelling and visualisation technology. Powered by Deep Learning. We constantly experience things spatially. Our brains are constantly calculating distances, sizes, and volumes to understand the world around us. Videos fall flat and aren't interactive. Instead, an interactive, immersive 3D content gives more than visuals.

Our ambition is to forge photorealistic digital replicas of urban landscapes, enriched with semantic 3D data, made readily available for an array of uses including gaming, simulations, training, city planning, defence, sustainability and much more. Utilising advanced machine learning techniques, our algorithms deftly parse raw satellite imagery, while our geographic pipeline extracts semantic information about what's in the world. With each digital twin we build, our AI process becomes increasingly precise and reliable, surpassing the capabilities of aerial photogrammetry, producing positionally and geometrically accurate 3D maps.

We are creating the authoritative whole-Earth digital twin, built by AI, one city at a time. Real-world cities as immersive digital twins and rich 3D data, instantly accessible for games, simulations, training, architecture, and beyond. Our machine learning algorithms understand raw imagery data from satellites while our geographic pipeline extracts semantic information about what's in the world. The more data we have, the more accurate our system becomes.

Job Description

We are seeking a forward-thinking Product Manager to lead our initiatives in 3D Mapping, GIS, and Consumer Mapping Applications. This role is ideal for individuals who excel in dynamic environments and are passionate about delivering market-disrupting ideas that generate significant value. As a Product Manager, you will collaborate closely with the CTO's Office, overseeing the product lifecycle from inception through to launch. You will work alongside diverse teams and interface with our regional offices to develop products that offer flawless user experiences and contribute to our revenue growth.


  • Articulate what a winning product looks like and rallying the entire cross-functional, regional teams to build it and iterating until we get it RIGHT.
  • Define the product vision and strategy aligned with the company’s ambitious goals.
  • Manage the end-to-end lifecycle of complex products from conception through launch.
  • Spearhead cross-functional teams comprising engineering, design, marketing, sales, and more to develop innovative consumer-facing and enterprise mapping products.
  • Conduct market and competitor analysis to identify trends and opportunities for innovation.
  • Define and analyse metrics that inform the success of products.
  • Engage closely with customers to gather insights and feedback to iterate on the product.
  • Prioritise features and tasks, effectively managing the product backlog.
  • Develop product roadmaps and ensure they align with business objectives and timelines.
  • Advocate for your products, communicating benefits and results to all stakeholders including company leadership.


  • Proven experience as a Product Manager in a high-growth technology company.
  • Strong analytical skills and a data-driven decision-making mentality.
  • Robust knowledge of Agile methodologies, especially Scrum and Kanban.
  • Experience in JIRA/Confluence, FIGMA, MIRO, RELUME.IO, ROADMUNK is a must.
  • Excellent communication skills, capable of conveying complex ideas and engaging various stakeholders.
  • A track record of successful collaboration in cross-functional teams.
  • Creative thinking with a vision to see beyond the immediate competitive landscape.
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Business Administration, Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field.

What We Offer

  • An opportunity to be part of a fast-growing startup with a Silicon Valley ethos.
  • Competitive compensation package including equity options.
  • Health, dental, and vision insurance.
  • Flexible working hours and remote work opportunities.
  • An energetic and supportive work environment, with continuous learning and career growth opportunities.

How to Apply?

We are an equal opportunity employer. We believe in diversity and inclusion and are committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills.

As part of the team, you'll have the unique opportunity to influence our foundational practices and policies, making a significant impact in our exciting journey. We look forward to discovering how your talents and innovative approaches can contribute to our vibrant startup environment.

No matter where you're based, or which team you work on, you’ll be part of a group of people working together to build solutions to mission-critical problems and a company that values the very best ideas.

Individuals seeking employment at VIZZIO are considered without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, ancestry, physical or mental disability, veteran status, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

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The possibilities for 3D mapping are limitless — ranging from wireless planning, city planning, infrastructure management, disaster management, and environmental monitoring to applications in public health and academic research. VIZZIO 3D city maps are defined by superior visualisation performance, cost-effectiveness, short delivery times, and unmatched flexibility. The quality of this 3D data will only improve as the number of available satellites increases and satellite-mounted sensors become more sophisticated.

As an industry, Earth Observation has made great progress in understanding our planet in 2D. VIZZIO’s proven city-scale 3D mapping of the world will open up the market for space-based EARTH Observation, unlocking billions of dollars of demand for timely, up-to-date 3D city models.