Perception Engineer in ML/CV and Algorithms

Abu Dhabi, UAE
Added: January 16, 2024

Bayanat AI is an Abu Dhabi based artificial intelligence company, uniquely positioned in the national ecosystem to develop and deploy holistic and scalable AI solutions to a wide range of commercial and government clients. Bayanat has an active and extensive partnership network, connecting leading international organizations who complement our ecosystem and support our vision

In this role, you'll:

  • Research and develop efficient deep learning models that detect obstacles around the ego-car
  • Research and develop algorithms and models to understand the obstacles (e.g., car-door-open) and complex scenes (e.g., traffic light, construction zone, human directing traffic)
  • Research and develop algorithms and models to tackle long tail obstacles and scenes (e.g., potholes, trash bags, falling leaves, extreme weather, etc)
  • Research and develop algorithms and models to track obstacles and predict their locations, velocities, accelerations, orientations, shapes, etc
  • Research and develop algorithms and models to accurately calibrate the sensors and further efficiently verify the correctness of the calibration
  • Write onboard code to integrate the algorithms and models into perception computational graph and deploy it to cars

At a minimum we’d like you to have:

  • Have strong abilities in both algorithms and C++ coding; or have strong expertise in at least one of these fields: computer vision, machine learning, and model optimization
  • Solid skills in problem solving, algorithms, and dada analysis
  • Good communication and coordination skills
  • Self-motivated and believe in the future of self-driving-cars

The ideal candidate will have :

  • Rich experience in C++ development, multithreading, memory management, computing optimization
  • Rich experience in multi-sensor fusion and 3d/2d tracking
  • Publications on top-tier conferences and journals